Is It Necessary To Have An HD Antenna To Receive HD Channels Over The Air

Is it necessary to have a HD antenna to receive HD channels over the air? I have two fairly old/new TV’s that can’t receive WOI, CBS or NBC at all. My atenna is 5 plus years old. Do I need a HD antenna.

Hi Jeremy,

The first thing you need to figure out is if your TV is indeed a “HD” TV.

Check the front of the TV or the owner’s manual for a small sign reading “HD Ready.” That’s the quickest and easiest way to settle the issue.

A digital TV is simply one set up to receive digital programming–which all U.S. television stations will broadcast by summer 2009. Thus making your old antennas obsolete. If your TV’s are not digital your  still not out of luck for watching digital broadcasts. All you need to purchase a analog to digital converter box. That along with the buying an new HD antenna you should be able to start watching digital TV.

Our Clear Stream5 would be a great choice for the area you live in. Click on the picture for more detailed information. Great question Jeremy and congratulations on cutting the chord!