Help Receiving VHF Television Channels

I’ve installed the Clearstream2 antenna and aimed toward the broadcast towers. I receive most of the local stations except two. I’m most concerned about the local ABC affiliate. I should be able to receive its signal. According to their site they boosted their signal and range a few months ago to the maximum range & signal strength allowed by the FCC. What can I do? From Goody in Mustang, Oklahoma

Hi Goody,

From you can tell what channels are available in your area and what frequency they are on (see screen shot below). It looks like KOCO is your ABC affiliate and is running in high VHF. VHF television channels are numbered 2 – 13; UHF channels are numbered 14 – 83.  Although the C2 has limited VHF capabilities it just isn’t enough to adequately receive the weak stations in your area. We would recommend adding a VHF antenna like the ClearStream 5 that comes with the UHF VHF combiner that will allow both antennas to be coupled together on a single coax.

Mustang, OK - Antenna Point