Friendsgiving 2018: This Year’s Top 5 TV Watching Rules with a Special Antenna Offer

The Friendsgiving holiday season is upon us! By now, surely, you’ve heard of this modern twist on a beloved day of eating, being a couch potato, and gazing lovingly at your television screen while you and your friends take in all the free broadcast sights and sounds that the worlds of sports and entertainment have to offer.  That’s right, folks, TV watching is a staple of this great holiday and we at Antennas Direct couldn’t resist the opportunity to celebrate and offer our friends a very special deal on antennas!

Beginning Monday, November 19th, get 30% off your purchase of antennas and accessories* at AND receive free shipping!

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 But hurry! This special offer ends November 27th, and we want to make sure as many of our friends as possible can take advantage of this offer and watch FREE over-the-air broadcast TV this holiday season.

Ready to get your antenna and become a part of the cord-cutting family this Friendsgiving? We thought so. In the spirit of friendship and giving, we’ve prepared a list of our top 5 TV Watching Friendsgiving Rules to help you avoid any party fouls and gain thorough enjoyment from your time in front of the small screen. Here we go!

Rule #1: Friends don’t let friends pay for TV.

Yes, even the most sophisticated of us have that one friend who is still hanging onto cable. Oh, the torture! The ever-increasing monthly bill! It’s time for an intervention. Show off your antenna and crystal-clear reception this Friendsgiving, and help them see the error of their ways.

Rule #2: Friends make sure they’re giving you the best picture possible.

…And the best picture comes from the most powerful, reliable antenna available on the market. One that is built with today’s technology, and routinely tested for performance to back up claims about range. Friends don’t subject their friends to a crappy knockoff that can MAYBE pick up the big game or your favorite holiday special. It works.

Rule #3: Friends will support each other in their holiday TV fetishes.

Not everyone is comfortable admitting their love of sappy made-for-TV movies, or the fact that they’ll be in a panic if they miss this year’s showing of a Charlie Brown Christmas Special. But true friends understand this passion, knowing that the best of the best each season is available for free on over-the-air broadcast TV.

Rule #4: Friends focus on the sidelines just as much as they do the plays on the field.

Friends know this is where the real entertainment is. The game is not complete without the lip reading and sounds of the occasional outbursts and exclamations from players and coaches. Watching with an antenna gives you the best chance of hearing it all (and we mean “ALL”) and seeing all those lips move with unmistakable precision.

Rule #5: Friends tell their friends about this Friendsgiving special offer.

Friendsgiving is all about sharing. That’s why friends get into the spirit, sharing all of the goodness and wisdom this special offer has in store. Your friends can share in your joy of free over-the-air broadcast television, and your excitement in telling the cable company to stick it where the sun don’t shine.

Be a friend. Get a deal. Share the goodness. Watch free TV with your friends for now and forever. An antenna from Antennas Direct will make your holiday – and every day – shine bright (in full HD). Visit to get yours.


*Offer excludes WiFi antennas, clearance and refurb items