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Cutting the Cable Cord Resources and Tips

Even the most technical savvy of people are deciding to cut the cable cord. National Consumer Electronics Editor Julie Jacobson recently blogged about her Journey to Cut the Cable Cord. However, cutting the cord is not as easy as the task sounds. In a recent survey: 11 percent of U.S. consumers had considered canceling their pay-TV service, through only 2 percent actually did.

If you are like Julie and sick of paying for cable we would recommend doing what she did in her blog post. That is to make a list of your must have TV shows, TV shows that you can live with out and list out the devices you currently have to work with.

You would be surprised about how many items you can scratch off your list just by having an antenna — which is going to be a necessity if you go through with cutting your cable.

Like Julie there are lots of people talking about and writing about how they are cutting their cable. From streaming Netflix to using Apple TV there are hundreds of different setups out there that cater to each person’s television and movie needs.

Another blogger that we like is called Cutting the Cord and Cutting the Bills. You can find it at This blogger posts “episodes” and great tips on how he receives all the television and movies he wants and the only monthly bill he pays is his internet.

So, find out what will work best for you! Then share with others who are just starting to cut their cable cord. And as always, Antennas Direct will be here with high quality antennas so you can receive your HDTV local channels.