Clearstream Microsite in The New York Times

At CEDIA 2010, we announced our expansion into the cell phone booster marketplace. Just as with our DTV antennas, we applied the same expertise at optimizing our antennas to cell phone frequencies.

Today, The New York Times reported that changes maybe coming to cell phone booster industry. Within the story Antennas Direct’s new line of cell phone booster is mentioned as being used. The user is described as saying “I can walk around my whole home now with full strength reception…I couldn’t be happier.” The Clearstream Microsite cell phone booster will not be on the market until 2011.

Both Wilson and Wireless Extenders say their products are designed to prevent interference and do not affect cellular networks. Mr. Kirkland’s booster, a $375 Clearstream Microsite, was made by Antennas Direct, a new entrant to the market. While the company said the device was still in a public testing phase, it also had built-in safeguards against interference.

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