#ADBusTour Starts Today!

We’re on the move! The Antennas Direct bus tour is back and better than ever. We have teamed up with TVFreedom.org and LG to kickoff a multi-state, multi-city TV Liberation Tour. At each stop, we give away free antennas, liberating hundreds in each city from their unhealthy relationship with cable. Our first stop on this […]

Antennas Direct Bus Tour Stops In Dothan, Alabama

The Antennas Direct bus tour continues! Antennas Direct partnered with Dothan Alabama’s WTVY 4 news in giving much needed economic relief to their viewing audience. Watch the broadcast and see Antennas Direct pro-action stance on receiving free local OTA HDTV broadcasts, how to save money and stop paying outrageous monthly cable bills.

On The Road With Antennas Direct Bus Tour: Part 1

Come rain or shine, Antennas Direct weathered through the downpour and advocated the public into cutting-the-cord with a  ClearStream 2 antenna for depression relief in the Northwestern Ohio area.  A crowd topping over a 1000 waited patiently and braved the inclement weather to release themselves from their cable or satellite providers. Say goodbye to huge […]

WNWO Hosts Antenna Giveaway With Antennas Direct

TOLEDO — WNWO teamed up with Antennas Direct on Monday morning to help give local residents free antennas. Around 400 people showed up at WNWO on S. Byrne in South Toledo in the hopes of getting free access to more channels than those offered through basic cable. One recipient showed up at 1:30 a.m. in […]