Antennas Direct Named Among Fastest-Growing Companies in St. Louis AGAIN!


Year after year, we find ourselves on fastest growing lists. When we first started developing our antennas 13 years ago, we received emails and letters, on an almost daily basis, telling us that antennas were a thing of the past and we would be out of business by the end of the year. Look at us now!  Our antennas are flying off the shelves at Walmart, Best Buy, RadioShack, and BJ’s Wholesale Club at a rate that doubles our sales every nine months. And we don’t even put big $$ behind marketing. The reason for our success is the amazing products we create. We never settle for okay. We continue to design and engineer the world’s most powerful TV antennas that receive stellar merit and awards. Cord cutting continues to grow, and we are reaping the benefits of people ditching pay-TV.

So we were honored to be named among the fastest growing companies by the St. Louis Business Journal. We owe so much to our team, our customers, and to all the amazing people out there who have believed in us over the years. Thanks to you, we are ranked 40th on the Business Journal’s Fastest Growing List, with a 48% growth over the past year.

Richard Schneider High Resolution

Our head honcho Richard Schneider says it best:

“Our customers are the smartest people on Earth. They realize that the cable companies are gouging them and taking more and more of their hard earned money each month. Who is that fair to? No one! Cord cutting continues to grow thanks to new technology, streaming devices and services that offer customers more content than they could ever need, and at a fraction of the cost. Combined with one of our award winning antennas to receive FREE over-the-air television, you have everything you need, and are saving on average $1000 a year.”

And a special thanks to the St. Louis Business Journal for their continued support over the past decade.

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