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Next leg of the Antennas Now! tour to kick off Monday January 5

We had a great Christmas, fixed all the stuff we broke on the last leg of the tour and we’re getting the bus loaded up with antennas and preparing to hit the road.

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The next two weeks we will visit 8 cities:

  • Monday, Jan. 5 WTAP-TV Parkersberg, WV
  • Wednesday Jan. 7 WVEC Norfolk, VA
  • Thursday, Jan. 8 WSLS Lynchburg, VA
  • Friday, Jan. 9 WSLS Roanoke, VA
  • Monday Jan. 12 WAFF Huntsville, AL
  • Tuesday Jan. 13 WAFF Sand Mountain, AL
  • Wednesday Jan. 14 Albany, GA WALB
  • Thursday, Jan. 15 WGFL Gainesville, FL

Places and times will be updated shortly.

Came out and visit us if you’re in the area!


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WJCT Ch7 Jacksonville Florida

Were sorry about the near riot. We have never experienced this kind of turnout for one of our events before. We had over 1000 people show up for 200 antennas. While this event was sponsored by the local PBS affiliate, WJCT, it received coverage from all the local channels, one of whom suggested that people should arrive early as antennas were being handed out on a first come first serve basis.

– well they did and people started queuing up at 8:00 am (5 hours early) for a chance to receive what is now regarded as the most effective antenna for DTV reception. A few people went home dissapointed, but cheer up, Best Buy is now carrying the ClearStream antennas in all of their stores nationwide and additionally you can get them from of a number of online retailers like

During the event we had the chance to address the local chapter of the Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE) and thanked them for their investment in time and money towards the DTV transition. The FCC and the NAB also showed up with personnel to help address questions and concerns, but the main attraction as always, was Antennas Direct.


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WCBD Ch2 Charleston, SC

Warm weather for a change! We spent a sunny Sunday speaking with and handing out antennas to viewers of Ch2 in Charleston SC. Some folks drove as far as 70 miles to speak with WCBD engineers & management getting their questions and concerns addressed.

Ch 2 will move to Ch 50, post 2009, so people are concerned if they will continue to receive DTV signals with their old rabbit ears (probably not). The good news is that the new ClearStream antenna geometries are tuned specifically for the post 2009 frequencies so the transition should be easiest for ClearStream users.


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WIS Ch10 NBC, Columbia , SC

On Saturday, WIS- News 10- Hosted a DTV open house and invited Antennas Direct to participate. over 500 people showed up for a chance to win hats, t shirts, converter boxes and even powerful antennas for about 100 extra lucky people.

The station gave tours of the station and on air talent wast there to sign autographs and answer questions from viewers. We even got to hang out with the weekend meteorologist Brandon Lokits and do some live remotes in front of the bus, showing off antennas and demonstrating the ease of connecting a converter box to a TV for Columbia area viewers.


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WLUK Fox 11 Green Bay

It was a balmy 7 degrees when we came to sunny Green Bay – just in time for a Packers home game no less – where we set up camp just a block from Lambeau Field. My god this place is cold! We froze water lines in the bus, broke a pump and sheared a bolt off one of the hydraulic actuators. There is an entirely different culture in Green Bay – unlike anywhere else in the US. People were super friendly -if not a little inebriated – and were entusiastic to discuss antennas, all before 8am

We had the folks from Fox 11 put us live on their Good Morning Wisconsin show to discuss antennas and the digital transition, Since Packers fans begin tailgating as early as 6 am on a football Sunday, viewers were watching live in the parking lot ( down the street from Lambeau Field) and started to come over almost immediately. We probably had a little over 200 people come into the bus to get their questions answered and receive antennas. By Kickoff time we had run out of antennas and people’s attention had shifted to football. Perfect timing!


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WDJT Ch58 Milwaukee, WI

A trip to Wisconsin brought frigid weather, and a lot of antennas to give a way. Our greatest turn out to date! We were hosted by the nice folks at Steinhafels Furniture Superstore, where WDJT CBS 58 conducted live remotes inviting people to come on out and win antennas, Ch58 T-shirts and get their DTV questions answered. Personnel from the station was on hand to assist Milwaukee area viewers with their digital conversion queries.

Over 250 braved snow and cold to attend. Ch 58 did a great job of educating the public, addressing concerns and extolling the virtues of the Antennas Direct ClearStream antennas.


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WLNS Ch6 CBS – Lansing, MI

A snowy time in Lansing this week as we met and answered questions from viewers in the Mid- Michigan viewing areas. We had shipped some evaluation antennas to the WLNS engineers prior to our arrival , and they were blown away at how well the Clearstream antennas worked in their market. They had set up 4 televisions connected to a ClearStream 2 in a storage closet laying on its back (not some thing we recommend) and still managed to lock in all the local stations.

One of the engineers set up a ClearStream 1 in the GM’s office and was very surprised that it was able to get a reliable lock on all their local stations. A feat they were unable to accomplish with other compact designs.
We met with some local antenna installers who brought signal meters to see for themselves if the antennas would live up to our claims. They were surprised by the high VHF performance of the ClearStreams. which will be particularly important as there will be a couple of high VHF stations in Mid-Michigan after February 2009.

We also had a chance to meet with some of the members of the Michigan Association of Broadcasters and have subsequently heard that they were astounded by the performance of the evaluation antennas we had sent them. (“Absolutley amazing!” were the words from one tester) If schedules permit, we hope to be able to take them up on their invitation to present a technical paper on antenna development methodology at their annual meeting in March.


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KMOS Ch 6, PBS – DTV event – Warrensburg, MO

Over 100 people attended the KMOS Warrensburg DTV education event. We enjoyed nice weather & gave away about 60 ClearStream antennas . We were able to help a number of people frustrated by the reception challenges in receiveing the PBS affiliate (whose transmitter is about 45 miles to the east of thier targeted DMA) which is also compounded by the Satellite providers’ unwillingness to carry KMOS in to most parts of Mid Missouri.

When viewers realize that the DTV picture quality will be better from an antenna, there will be additonal multicasts and best of all there will be no monthly charge, they’ll forget why they were so worried in the first place.


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Great visit at WPCB, Pittsburgh!

We had a wonderful time with the fine folks from WPCB and CornerStone broadcasting. WPCB is the flagship station of the Cornerstone Broadcast network and originates programming for Christian TV stations throughout North America.

Antennas Direct was in Pittsburgh the day before at Society of Broadcast Engineers regional convention where Dr. John Ross presented a paper on DTV antenna development , simulation & testing methodologies. We were able to accomplish a few things while in Pittsburgh. One was to educate TV station Engineers on how much antenna technology has advanced in the last several years and showing them that theres really is a difference in antenna design as well as educating the general population on how to be successful with digital television reception. We were also able to give a way about 3 dozen antennas to WPCB viewers who were having challenges with reception of their digital channels.

Thanks again to all the folks with the Pittsburgh chapter of the SBE and WPCB!


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What the cable company doesn’t tell you about HDTV

compression photo

Picture from bfdtv at the AVS forum

Great information from the AVS forum here showing how one cable company in particular degrades their HD offerings. Its like trying to fit 10 pounds of potatoes in a 3 pound bag, somthings got to give, and in this case its picture quality. What does this have to do with off air antennas you ask?

In many markets, the only way to get uncompressed HD is from over the air, most local DTV brodcasters send out their HD feed with no or minimal compression. Best of all, HD from an antenna requires no monthly charge.

While this poster compares Cable to Verizon FIOS ( A great service) the point is how much most multi-channel providers must reduce image quality to fit HD and the the rest of all of their programming and services onto limited bandwidth.

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