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Filters / Attenuators

FM Band Rejection Filter FM Band Rejection Filter

If FM broadcasts are interfering with the TV signal, an FM Trap may be the answer.  This filter is designed to reduce the force of the entire FM band.

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Surge Protector Surge Protector

Our Inline Surge Protector is a low cost means of protecting most electronic equipment from damage do to voltage surges and lightening strikes. The SE-1K has an attack time of .0000001 seconds and less than .2dB insertion loss making it an exceptional unit for use with video and audio applications.

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Variable Attenuator Variable Attenuator

For those living very close to broadcast towers, problems with multipath interference can occur because the signals are so strong they bounce off nearby buildings and other objects, which causes multiple images to appear on your TV screen. With our Attenuator, you can adjust the signal power to minimize multipath interference.

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