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ClearStream™ 1 Medium Range Outdoor DTV Antenna

ClearStream™ 1 Medium Range Indoor/Outdoor DTV Antenna

The ClearStream™ 1 Tapered Loop design receives core UHF DTV channels with a range of 35+ miles. It is engineered for strength and durability using anodized aluminum for corrosion resistance. This new antenna has a wide, 70 degree beam width allowing reception from widely spaced stations while eliminating multi-path interference.


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A new breakthrough in size, ultra efficient design, and gain. Advanced design software allows the 12” X 12” antenna to be smaller and more powerful. It offers consistently high gain across the entire DTV spectrum. This breakthrough in antenna efficiency allows up to 98% of the available broadcast signal to actually reach the incoming antenna cable rather than being lost to impedance mismatches.

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  • Author: James Muir - Columbus, OH
    I want to thank you for a competent sales offer, a very special price (with MeTV offer) and a wonderful product that just works. I live in a brick apartment complex, and to receive the clarity of the broadcast TV stations with the ClearStream 1 that I have is wonderful. Thanks for prompt shipping and a great "working" product that exceeds the hype others pretend.
MSRP: $39.99

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