43XG Uni-Directional Long Range DTV Antenna

43XG Uni-Directional Long Range DTV Antenna

This uni-directional, Yagi style antenna is intended for long range applications ranging from 15-60 miles from the braodcast towers. Its 43 elements create a powerful 15.7 dBi gain with a front to back ratio of 27dB.

Range 15 to 60 Miles


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  • Range: 15-60 miles
  • Uni-directional Yagi style design
  • Front to back ratio: 27dB High gain across entire
  • UHF band (UHF channels 14-69)
  • Max Gain 15.7 dBi
  • Dimensions 19"L x 18"W x 50"D
  • Product Weight: 5 lbs.

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Joe M. Port Royal S.C.
    Hey guys, purchased a 43XG uni-directional and hoped for 5 channels; guess what we have 17 channels! What a great antenna, thanks for the free HDTV.. JM in S.C.

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