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C2 ClearStream HDTV Antenna for the DTV Transition

The first in a series of compact, highly efficient antennas designed and optimized for 2009 frequencies associated with the DTV transition.

Spec Sheets

Gain is a measure of an antenna's ability to concentrate radiated power from a particular direction. Unlike other antennas that claim high peak values, the gain of the C2 is not only extremely high but nearly uniform across the DTV spectrum

VSWR (Voltage Standing Wave Ratio) The method used to compute losses from impedance mismatches. The lower the number, the better. If the VSWR = 1 then there is no loss.

The efficiency of an antenna is how much signal received by the antenna actually makes it to the cable. The C2 is an extremely efficient antenna. At its optimum frequency, the mismatch loss for the C2 is very low - less than .1 dB.


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