Win a ClearStream Wireless TV Antenna and Cut the Cord to Celebrate!

We’ve just released the ClearStream ECLIPSE Wireless TV antenna and the ClearStream FLEX Wireless TV antenna, the two first truly functional wireless TV antennas! That’s a big deal, so to celebrate, we’re having a giveaway!

This isn’t just any giveaway. This is a cord cutters dream giveaway. We are not giveaway one wireless TV antenna, but THREE lucky winners will be able to choose one of our Wireless TV Antennas for their very own. To learn how to enter for your chance to win, just visit our Facebook page. The contest is open to everyone in the U.S. or Canada, no purchase necessary.

Why do you need a wireless TV antenna? That’s a good question; they are still new after all! Our ClearStream Wireless TV Antennas connect through your WiFi network, so you can watch, record, and pause broadcast TV using our free app on your smartphone, tablet, and streaming media play, anywhere in your home. ClearStream TV lets you place your HDTV antenna in the best location to receive over-the-air TV reception and then you can stream live broadcast TV to your streaming device without a subscription or monthly fee. You’ll never have to connect the antenna to your TV again, only to ClearStream TV.

Imagine this; the new season of your favorite TV show is premiering this week. You can set a reminder in the ClearStream TV app to watch or record your show, so you don’t miss on a single moment. When the time comes to watch it, you can either lounge in front of your TV using the app on your streaming media player or take your tablet outside and watch your favorite show while the kiddos play. Someone else hogging the TV? Pop in your earbuds and watch TV on your smartphone. It’s so easy!

Be sure to enter our giveaway before March 26th for a chance to win!