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2009 Bus TourHow Our Journey Started

It all started in the spring of 2008 when our office had a flurry of calls & antenna orders from residents in Sacramento. That's odd we thought, why would we sell more antennas in two days than we had in the previous year to that area. It turns out that unbenownst to us, a TV station in Sacramento had purchased one of our bow tie antennas, tested it and proceeded to recommend it to their viewers during a newscast. Wow! that was nice of them. The following weeks we started getting calls from stations around the country asking for antenna samples they could try out. Some even wanted to buy master cases of our antennas and give them out to their viewers.

It was starting to occur to many TV stations that the analog shut off in 2009 would mean that many people would lose their reception particularly if they were using legacy "rabbit ear" type antennas. So, what if we could create a program to give TV stations evaluation antennas, antenna recommendations and performance and educational information to help their viewers ease in to the transition. And if the station would be willing, even assist in their DTV educational efforts by arriving on site, handing out and instructing people on the most successful installation techniques.

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