DB8e Ultra Long Range Outdoor DTV Antenna

DB8e Ultra Long Range Outdoor DTV Antenna

 The DB8e m ulti-directional antenna combines the compact size of the already-popular DB4e bowtie with a wider angle of reception, thus forming one of the most powerful multi-directional, flexible aiming outdoor HDTV antennas available on the market. 

The specially designed brackets allow the antenna panels to turn in a 180 degree loop to target broadcast towers in any direction.

Range 70+ Miles

 Available A

DB8e Attic Application
DB8e Attic Application
DB8e Outdoor Application
DB8e Outdoor Application
DB8e Outdoor Application
DB8e Outdoor Application


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The most powerful HDTV antenna in the world-a star is born! With an extended long range of 70+ miles and unsurpassed gain of 17.4 dBi, this new multi-directional Bowtie antenna has another capability that blows the competition right out of the water...the specially designed brackets allow the antenna to turn in a 180 degree loop to target transmitting towers in any direction.

We’ve brought the tried and true Bowtie outdoor HDTV antenna into the 21st Century with this patented design, which enables the DB8e to target the specific core DTV channels of today.  The DB8e is the ideal antenna choice for rural and suburban installation challenges with pulling signals in through heavy foliage or roofing materials when installed in the attic.  The design of the DB8e allows for easy installation options that are off limits to much larger antennas.

The DB8e comes with the Antennas Direct®, Inc. Lifetime Warranty, which assures you of its superior build quality and durability.

DB8e  Antenna Assembly Instructions


Outdoor Antenna Installation Instructions 

Technical Data

Lifetime Warranty

  • Works 70+ miles from broadcast towers
  • Very flexible aiming characteristics
  • Designed brackets allow antenna panels to turn 180º
  • Weatherproof construction
  • High gain across entire UHF band (UHF channels 14-51)
  • Impedance 75 ohm
  • Max Gain 17.4 dBi
  • Dimensions 50"W x 37.5"H x 6"D
  • Product Weight: 12 pounds

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Timothy M.
    I just finished installing an Antennas Direct DB-8E - and this antenna ROCKS! Picking up local channels in HD from 50+ miles away, with 2 brick houses in direct line of sight, and passing through a 4 way splitter. The home theater company I had come out to run the coax was so impressed with the product that they asked for the info to add another option for their other customers.

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