DB2e Extended Range Outdoor DTV Antenna

DB2e Extended Range Outdoor DTV Antenna

With twice the power in a compact size the DB2e is ideal for indoor and outdoor.  The DB2e antenna is great for problematic areas, such as attics. The antenna is easy to assemble and can be roof mounted. Range is rated within 45+ miles, making it ideal for those in locations that can pull long range signals from various directions.

Range 45+ Miles

Also Available:
DB2e Bundle with amplifier, cable & mount for $169.99


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DB2e Extended Range Outdoor DTV Antenna has twice the power and half the size - making it ideal for indoor and outdoor.  The DB2e antenna is great for problematic areas, such as attics.  Conventional wisdom said that no improvement could be made to the bowtie antenna design. We’ve ended those misconceptions, finding performance far exceeding even our expectations. We have created an antenna the size of our original DB2, but with the performance of the DB4. This increased gain is not only relevant, but it has further enabled the trend of over-the-air TV viewership. The extended range of the Enhanced DB line can reach out further and receive additional broadcast channels that you couldn't watch before. The DB2e antenna is light years ahead of our competition. No other compact bowtie antenna can match the combination of its power, gain and value!

DB2e Assembly Instructions

Technical Data

Limited Lifetime Warranty

  • Range: Up to 45+ miles
  • Strong performance across UHF DTV spectrum
  • All weather Balun included
  • Flexible aiming characteristics, 60˚ beam-width
  • Indoor, outdoor and attic use
  • Peak gain: 12 dBi
  • Front to back ratio greater than 18 dBi
  • 23"L x 16.25"H x 7"D
  • Lifetime warranty

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