DB2e HDTV Antenna Bundle  

DB2e HDTV (DTV) Digital Antenna Bundle

$  89.99 - DB2e Digital Antenna
$  79.99 -
PA18 UHF / VHF Antenna Pre-Amp Kit
$  29.99 - 100’ Coax. Cable
$  24.99 - ClearStream™ 20" J Mount


Package Price: $179.97
You Save: $45.00!

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Package includes the following products...

DB2e Extended Range Outdoor DTV Antenna

With twice the power in a compact size the DB2e is ideal for indoor and outdoor.  The DB2e antenna is great for problematic areas, such as attics. The antenna is easy to assemble and can be roof mounted. Range is rated within 45+ miles, making it ideal for those in locations that can pull long range signals from various directions.

Range 45+ Miles

Also Available:
DB2e Bundle with amplifier, cable & mount for $169.99

Regular Price: $89.99

PA18 UHF / VHF Antenna Pre-Amplifier Kit

For applications with 100 ft. of cable or more from the antenna to the TV, utlizing splitters, and for weak signals in areas of over 30+ miles away from the broadcast towers, the UHF/VHF Pre-Amplifier will ensure consistent signal performance for reliable picture quality and reception. Easy installation and easy to use.  

Regular Price: $63.99

RG6 Low Loss Coaxial Cable - 100'
  • Features a larger, high-capacity center conductor
  • Larger insulating dielectric

Regular Price: $29.00

DB2e Antenna

PA18 UHF / VHF Antenna Pre-Amp Kit

J-Mount - 20"

DB2e Antenna

  • Range: Up to 45+ miles
  • Peak gain: 12 dBi
  • Front to back ratio greater than 18 dBi
  • Strong performance across DTV spectrum
  • All weather Balun included
  • Flexible aiming characteristics, 60˚ beam-width
  • Indoor, outdoor and attic use

PA18 UHF / VHF Antenna Pre-Amp Kit

  • 18.6 dB VHF/15.4 dB UHF gain
  • 75 ohm F connector input
  • 75 ohm F connector output
  • 1.8 dB noise figure
  • All weather design
  • Kit includes power inserter and 2 coax cables
  • Frequency range 40-862 MHz

RG6 Low Loss Coaxial Cable - 100'

  • Features a larger, high-capacity center conductor
  • Larger insulating dielectric

J-Mount - 20" Kit Includes:

  • 20" J-Shaped mounting pole
  • Mounting bracket
  • Expansion bolts

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