ClearStream™ 2 Long Range Indoor/Outdoor DTV Antenna

ClearStream™ 2 Long Range Indoor/Outdoor DTV Antenna

The ClearStream™ 2  long range antenna delivers DTV signals from widely located (spaced) broadcast towers. It offers forgiving aiming characteristics with a wide angle of reception, while still providing resistance to multi-path interference. The ClearStream™ 2 is stunningly efficient with a 50+ mile range and is 90% smaller than legacy antennas.  

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ClearStream™ 2  Bundle with amplifier, cable & mount for $187.96


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The patented ClearStream™ 2 long range antenna's Tapered Loop design receives UHF channels with a range of up to 50+miles.  It's the perfect backup in case of emergencies or bad weather.  It is engineered for strength and durability using anodized aluminum for corrosion resistance. It offers forgiving aiming characteristics with a wide angle of reception a 70 degree beamwidth, while still providing resistance to multi-path interference. The ClearStream™ 2 delivers digitally perfect signals without the need for rotation. 

Antenna shown above with optional mast and base cover.

ClearStream™ 2  Assembly Instructions

Outdoor Antenna Installation Instructions  

ClearStream™ 2 3D Patterns

ClearStream™ 2 Gain   

ClearStream™ 2 Horizontal Plane  

Limited Lifetime Warranty

  • Range: 50+ Miles
  • Perfect for indoor, outdoor and attic use
  • All weather resistant
  • Consistent gain through the entire UHF DTV channel spectrum
  • Gain of 10.2 dBi
  • Dimensions: 20”L x 12”W x 5”D

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Ray J.
    We were having problems getting TV reception on our boat on Lake Pleasant, AZ. I added a Clearstream 2 version on our C36. Now we receive over 40 stations onboard, with the antenna inside the boat, including Tuscon TV from over 100 miles away (most in HD for free!)... and a number of analog channels from Mexico hundreds of miles away if we take that option... amazing technology going though over an inch of fiberglas...adding an Clearstream 2 to my home as soon as the weather cools down.
  • Author: Jesse M.
    I purchased the Clearstream 2 the other day and hooked it up to my TV for a little experiment. I hit the channel scan on my TV and picked up 29 channels from 15 miles away in Portland, OR. Channels are all in HD with digital sound. Cool! Nice antenna.
  • Author: Lou R.
    Just want you to know that I LOVE my ClearStream™ 2 antenna. I have it set up in a closet and pull in 29 stations within 50 miles very well. I have already recommended this to a friend who is subscribing to basic cable. What a great alternative to cable costs. I might suggest asking customers to post YouTube videos on how to set up their specific TV to find the stations. I have Sony 3D and it was easy but took a little while to figure out. This also should be done about every 6 months. Thank you for this great product.
  • Author: James C.
    Thanks for recommending the ClearStream™ 2 Antenna. I received it today, assembled it and hooked it to the TV in a second story bedroom. Even without the additional 15 ft I will gain when the TV is on the roof (or attic - also now a possibility), I receive all 11 off air channels available in this area. Thanks again.

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