WNWO Hosts Antenna Giveaway With Antennas Direct

TOLEDO — WNWO teamed up with Antennas Direct on Monday morning to help give local residents free antennas.

Around 400 people showed up at WNWO on S. Byrne in South Toledo in the hopes of getting free access to more channels than those offered through basic cable.

One recipient showed up at 1:30 a.m. in order to make sure she was first in line to get a free antenna.

WNWO started handing out the antennas at 7 a.m. and eventually ran out.

For those too late to receive an antenna, viewers were given coupons so the antennas could be purchased at 35 % off.

WNWO was able to offer the antennas through a partnership with Antennas Direct.

The organization launched a nationwide bus tour, last year, with the goal of giving Americans access to free television.