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#ADBusTour Giveaway #4: Asheville, NC


We might have jumped the gun by saying the Charleston crowd was the friendliest group we’ve ever met on an #ADBusTour giveaway because the Asheville line was some tight competition! The line started at 3AM at the Bryan Easler Toyota in Hendersonville and at 6am the line had grown to over 800 people.


WLOS’ Lauren Brigman was broadcasting live from the giveaway and was the sweetest lady to meet and spend some time with. She was shocked to see the line and walked around speaking to people who had been waiting hours for their antennas.


Once the giveaway started at 6AM we FLEW through antennas, giving out 350 antennas in less than 30 minutes! Everyone in line who was not able to walk away with an antenna received a coupon for 35% off the purchase of an antenna. It was the most grateful and courteous crowd, every single person came up us and said thank you and how much it meant to them to have access to a TV antenna. It’s moments like that when we realize how lucky we are to be able to provide that for people.

The #ADBusTour is nearing the end. Our final giveaway is Monday at Grace Bible Baptist Church in Baltimore, MD. Mark your calendars, set your alarms, do whatever it takes to make it out for the final stop!


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WRAL Once Again Makes History, The First to Broadcast Under Next-Generation Standards

jim rothschild

We’ve said it once, and we will say it again. If every station was like WRAL in Raleigh-Durham, the world would be a better place. They were the first station to broadcast a high definition TV signal in 1996, and then once again made history in 2000 when it produced an entire newscast in HDTV. They pride themselves in being the first, and the best, in many ways, and they have accomplished that AGAIN by becoming the first commercially-licensed television station to broadcast its news under next-generation standards. This is big news!

We have a lot of history with WRAL. The station manager, Jim Rothschild, is originally from our hometown of St. Louis and worked for KMOV, our local CBS station for a number of years before moving to WRAL. We have partnered with WRAL in the past for antenna giveaways, and they have always been supportive of Antennas Direct and over-the-air television.

Here’s a quote from WRAL on what Next Generation TV means for their station: “WRAL-TV plans to use Next Generation TV to provide a deep offering of On-Demand content, access to multiple sources of video to enhance linear viewing, and a number of other 24/7 streams of TV and radio programming, representing the marriage of broadcasting and broadband.”

WRAL, keep up the great work and congratulations on being a trend setter and blazing a path to new technology. We’re excited to see what they accomplish next!


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A Great Day to Giveaway An Antenna in Raleigh, North Carolina

In mid September the Antennas Direct bus headed to News Channel 5 WRAL to set up the antenna giveaway at the North Carolina State Fairgrounds in Raleigh.

View the video from WRAL here:

We had a great time in Raleigh! Check out our photos from the event.

Want your news station to be on the Antennas Direct Bus Tour schedule? Find out more about the tour.

Want to see all the HD antennas from Antennas Direct? Purchase from the manufacturer – Antennas Direct.


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Can I Use My Old Dish Pole to Mount My Antenna?

Question: I understand it is best to mount antenna on roof, not in attic. I have a old dish out side and I was wondering if I could mount my antenna on that pole. It is about 5′ tall? And use the cables that are all ready installed? From Cindy in Wilson, North Carolina


Hi Cindy,

You are correct. If it is possible, we usually always recommend mounting an antenna on the roof rather than the attic. This way there is less of a chance of interference and your antenna will be higher on the roof.

Using the leftover dish mount is sometimes a great solution to your antenna mounting needs. There are however a couple of variables to check before doing so.

  1. When using the mount will your roof or other objects such as trees impede the clear line of sight needed by your antenna for consistent reception.
  2. Also when using the leftover cables you must ensure all of the distribution items installed by the Dish company are removed such as splitters and diplexers because they could interfere with your reception.

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WGHP, Winston-Salem, NC temporarily reactivates UHF transmitter

Viewers of WGHP are reporting difficulties in receiving the Ch8 signal after they reverted back to their VHF assignment and correspondingly reduced their power. They have temporarily restarted their UHF transmitter until they can figure out how to help their viewers.

When WGHP moved to Ch8 they also reduced their power to about 11Kw, which may be part of the problem. We have learned that a Clearstream2 was unable to receive the VHF channel at about 15 miles from the transmitter. Normally, the C2 has VHF capabilities up to about 20 -25 miles. There may be other issues, including interference from nearby FM stations or some of the general issues which plague DTV broadcasting on VHF such as noise in the band, issues with fractional bandwidth and interfering signals from adjacent markets.

The FCC came out and was unable to detect a signal using a C2 and a spectrum analyzer. In an interview the FCC representative suggested combination UHF/VHF antenna as a solution. But one of the things that is never mentioned is that combo antennas are inherently compromised designs; meaning by trying to cover the whole broadcast spectrum, you will end up getting poorer performance on every channel than from an antenna that is designed for a narrower range of frequencies.

So it’s entirely possible that if you are able to find an antenna that will lock Ch 8 reliably and consistently you may also lose reception on your other UHF DTV stations. And the suggestion to use rabbit ears makes us cringe, these are inherently narrow band antennas and may force to viewers to adjust the element each time you change channels. Rabbit ears also are more prone to multipath interference and have poor performance on the UHF band where the rest of the digital signals are being broadcast in this market.

There will likely be issues which cannot be solved with an antenna. We wish WGHP the best of luck and we are keeping our fingers crossed that they will be able to permanently stay on their UHF assignment of Ch 35.

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