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HDTV Antenna Review: ClearStream 4 – #1 Featured Product

HDTV Antenna Review features the ClearStream 4 as a Hot item and their #1 featured product.The   ClearStream 4 is also a Top Ten seller as well for HD Antenna Review. Make sure to read the glowing reviews of people that have bought our ClearStream 4 Antenna.


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ClearStream Micron Receives Winning Review

Home Theater and High Fidelity has reviewed Antennas Directs ClearStream Micron.

Home Theater and High Fidelity has reviewed the ClearStream Micron from ease of set-up in addition to design as well as channel strength and reception. It was highly recommended if you are in the market for an indoor antenna.

Read the full story here: ClearStream Micron Review


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Installing a Clearstream2 Antenna in San Jose, CA

Question: I have a 1996 Magnavox Analog TV, and I connected the Clearstream2 antenna to it. However, I’m not getting any reception or channels after rescanning the TV. Do I need a special tuner or any other equipment to get the channels?  Thanks, Mel

Hi Mel,

The reason why you are not receiving any reception when you hook up your Clearstream2 to your 1996 television is because your television does not have a digital tuner built in, so it can not read the over-the-air signals that are now broadcasting digitally. Your older television was made to pick up analogue signals. Since the digital switch in 2009, you need a converter box to convert these signals on your specific television.

So you have two options. The cheaper option is to go find/buy a digital to analog TV converter box that hooks to your television and your antenna. Converter boxes can range in price from around $40 – $70. Now you can even find some used on Amazon.com.

The other more expensive option is to buy a new television that has a digital tuner already built in. All new televisions in stores should be ready to pick up digital signals. Most television made after 2007 also have digital tuners. However, even with a new television you will need to hook up an antenna to it to receive free over-the-air TV.

Hope that helps! Thanks!


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Cellular Antenna Help and Products

I have a very weak AT&T cell signal even with a booster w/ outside antenna. I do also have DSL but would prefer to cancel that in favor of cellular. What products do you have that may help? From Jim in Innsbrook, MO

Hi Jim,

We have been working on products to boost cell phone signals. Our Wi-Fi antennas will replace a router’s existing antenna and distribute the Wi-Fi signal through four to eight ports plugged into cable outlets. The Clearstream Microsite is a cell phone booster that features built-in safe guards against interference. However, it is still in public testing phase and will not be on the market until 2011.

This new product was actually featured in the New York Times recently. Stay tuned for the release date. In the mean time, check out the NYT article.

Sean Kirkland, an executive vice president for sales and marketing for a company that plans corporate meetings and events was featured in this article and is one of the few that is using the Clearstream Microsite while it is in its testing phase. Check out what he said about it on Facebook.


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ClearStream5 – Cable and Placement

What type of cable is appropriate for the Clearstream5 antenna, and which direction should it face – the instructions don’t seem to cover these details.  – From Christopher in Palos Verdes Estates, California

Hi Christopher,

Any coaxial cable will work with your antenna. The type of cable depends more on the length of cable you need to run the antenna to your television. We have 3 types of coaxial cables available on our website, each in 50’ and 100’ measurements. We would recommend using any coaxial cable RG6 grade or better because it has a lower loss per foot so we find it works the best.

As for placement, it depends on where exactly you live. http://www.antennapoint.com will help you determine where to point your antenna by locating your transmitters.

The side with the cable attachment should face the transmitting stations. The metal grid is a reflector that bounces the signals back to the antenna.

Clearstream5 Antenna

Clearstream5 Antenna

Hope that answers your question. Let us know if you need more info. Thanks!


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Do I Need Multiple Antennas for Different Locations in my House?

Question: My home is a three story home with the large screen TV in the family room of the basement and two TVs in the upper level bedrooms. The Clearstream1 is the antenna best suited for transmission towers, but do I need more than 1 antenna for the different locations of the televisions in the house? What is the best method of connections without adding a series of diplexers for local HD service? I have recently stopped using Direct TV due to the high cost of service. From Steve in Salt Lake City, Utah


Hi Steve,

I bet it feels nice saving money from those monthly payments your cable used to eat up! Congratulations with making the switch. Hopefully this information helps your household make the switch a little more smoothly.

When dealing with a multi-story home you have a few choices outlined below:

Option #1: Install 1 antenna on the roof and use a distribution amp somewhere on the top floor to help boost the signal and allow you to distribute the signal to the lower level by installing coax cable.

Option #2: The second solution is the 2 antenna method. Where you install one for the upper floor and a second that delivers the signal to the bottom floor.

Option #3: A third solution for homes that are located within 20 miles of the transmission towers is to install an antenna on the roof for the bottom floor televisions and purchase indoor antennas such as the Clearstream Micron for each of the TVs on the upper floor to eliminate the need for cabling.

Thanks for your question! Hope this helps you out. Let us know if you have more questions!


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What is the Best Antennas for Me in Manitoba, Canada?

Question: I have a cottage about 60 miles North of Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. The non-cable channels are #6, 7, 10, 12 and 13. What kind of antenna would be best for me? – From Scott in Winnipeg, Arkansas

Answer: In the area of Manitoba I would recommend to you our ClearStream5 antenna or the V21. Both antennas are rated to receive signals from about 65 miles. Keep in mind the landscape and power that the signals are broadcast will have a significant effect on the reception. You can compare these antennas on our website. I have taken a screenshot of the comparison. Just click to enlarge.

The ClearStream5 Compared to the V21

The main difference between these two antennas is that the ClearStream5 is a multi-directional antenna while the V21 is a uni-directional antenna. So, I would also recommend going to www.antennapoint.com – a transmitter locator.

After you search for your area, check the “Heading” and if all of your desired stations are transmitting from the same area or within 20° of each other you can use a uni-directional antenna. If the transmitters are positioned more than 20° apart, it is best to use a multi-directional antenna. It is important to note that most multi-directional antennas will work in place of uni-directional antennas, but you may pick up some multi-path distortion.

Thank you for your question! And let us know if you need any more antenna assistance.


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Will Installing a Second Antenna Double My Signal Strength?

Question: I have a DB 8 antenna with a CPA 19 Pre Amp. My antenna height is 35 feet with no obstructions and flat terrain. The stations that I am going after are about 60 to 65 miles away and the towers are located within a few miles of each other. I am getting all of the stations, except for one that comes in good most of the time. Would I improve my reception significantly if I installed another DB 8 antenna right beside the existing antenna, hook them to a combiner, and then to the Pre amp? Would that be the best way to hook the two antennas together? Theoretically, would that double my signal strength?  — From Joe in Fletcher, Georgia


Hi Joe,

Good question! The reason you are having an issue with the one channel in your area could be that it is a lower power VHF signal.

ClearStream5 Outdoor Antenna

It may be necessary to add a C5 antenna to your setup instead of another DB8. The ClearStream5 is our newest ClearStream antenna.

It is a smaller, high gain VHF antenna that will do better at picking up the lower VHF signals than the DB8 which covers the entire UHF band. Putting 2 DB8 antennas together is NOT recommended or supported by Antennas Direct. Hope this information helps. Feel free to contact customer service anytime with more questions.


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ModSynergy.com Reviews Our ClearStream4 Long Range HDTV Antenna

The folks at ModSynergy.com recommend our ClearStream4 Antenna.

Here is the reviewer’s conclusion.

I really like the Antennas Direct ClearStream4 antenna, it does everything it says it would do and it can pull channels miles away. The construction of the tapered-loop antennas are covered in solid plastic and will take a beating. Being covered in plastic means it’ll last longer outdoors and not be covered in rust if it were made out of metal. The only thing that would rust overtime is the metal reflectors and unfortunately would get worse if the paint was chipped off like this unit was.

The only thing I don’t like about the ClearStream4 is not the antenna itself, it’s the packaging. There is no packaging basically. Antennas Direct really needs to put some foam support in the box, put the nuts and bolts in a bag and keep everything from hitting each other.

The only other downside is that this antenna includes no mast/pole to mount it on your roof or like a satellite dish, that is extra.

I have no problems recommending the Antennas Direct ClearStream4 antenna for your HDTV needs.

Thanks for the review and the feedback! Check out the entire review at ModSynergy.com.


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Today, we release the C5 to the masses!

The Clearstream 5 is finally shipping! Today, we release the C5 to the masses. It has taken years of work from all parts of Antennas Direct. First marketing, then feng shui consultants, design, engineering, tooling and manufacturing. Countless evolving designs, innumerable meetings, frequent all-nighters to make every part of the C5, from its custom-made, high efficiency balun to its hand welded aluminum elements, absolutely perfect. To those on the team, yes you have been taken away from your spouses, your children, your transgender domestic partners. In some cases your dedication has cost you your marriages. You’ve sacrificed a great deal for this. But has it not been worth it? For the rest of your life, you’ll be able to say that you were here when the C5 was introduced. You were here on the day when the course of human history was changed forever. Plus, you’ll get a free Clearstream 5, a $119 value. Not bad, right?

Already, around the United States, thousands are waiting breathlessly for their C5s to arrive. This afternoon, we received a report that customers are also lining up outside retail stores around North America, even though those stores do not have the C5 and will not have them for months, maybe years. The response is, in a word, stunning. To those people suffering outdoors, just so they can receive a low power VHF station, I say: Thank you, you are special, and you deserve to be among the first in the world to obtain an antenna that offers high VHF, Lilliputian size, amazing pulse fidelity, and the ability to get low power VHF stations at unbelievable distances.

The C5 stands for something very simple – emancipation. No longer will you be at the mercy of pay TV providers, indolent antenna companies or broadcasters who slash transmitting power. This is not some hyped up PR bluster, the first reports from pre-release customers are overwhelming and I am touched by the genuine outpouring of enthusiasm and excitement from people who have used the C5. I’m glad we could make a difference when no other antenna would help.

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