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Free TV, Be My Valentine

Ahhh, Valentine’s Day. A day of romance, love, and spending too much money on chocolates, diamonds, and who knows what else. Seriously, have you looked to see how much you’re spending on that lovey-dovey Hallmark card? It’s outrageous! On the bright side, when you’re  a cord cutter, you have the money to spare. You can spend it however you like, but we have a little suggestion.

This year, spend Valentine’s Day with your one true love. The one that will never take you for granted, hurt you, make you sad or vulnerable. That’s right, we’re talking about your ClearStream TV antenna. The  purest love you  will ever find. Here are just a few reasons why your antenna is your #1 this Valentine’s Day:

  • Your antenna saves you nearly $1440 a YEAR.
  • Crystal clear, beautiful, high definition TV.
  • No monthly fee, no monthly upcharges, no crappy customer service.
  • Always there for you. Rain or shine.
  • Won’t talk back.
  • No drama.
  • You don’t have to hang out with their friends (seriously, they’re the WORST.)
  • You won’t have to ask, “what do you want for dinner? No, seriously, WHAT DO YOU WANT?!

Your freedom. The ClearStream HDTV antennas give you the freedom you desire.

That sounds like a romance for the books, right? This could be you. Cut the cord, celebrate Valentine’s Day with a pocket full of cash and your favorite network TV shows.

If you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with your DTV antenna, be sure to share pictures with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Match, or whatever social media platform you fancy, using #lovemyantenna.

In closing, here is a love note you can use this year, and no, we won’t charge you (because we LOVE you.)

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
Cut the cord this Valentine’s Day,
If you know what’s good for you.

(We’re no Shakespeare, but that’s pretty good!)


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The Gadget Zone Shares Their Holiday Gift Guide, Featuring Antennas Direct

We have a special soft spot in our hearts for our Canadian friends. Some of our most passionate ambassadors and feedback we’ve received on social media  are from Canadians. Cord cutting is alive and well in Canada, and we’re excited to see the interest continue to grow. Our friends over at The Bulletin.CA- Journal of Downtown Toronto, recently shared their 2016 gift guide for techies, and we made the list!


If you’re looking to save your loved ones money this holiday season, an antenna is the perfect gift. They’ll be able to watch their local and broadcast television for FREE and in crystal clear high definition. That sounds like a pretty nice gift to us! The bulletin included our ClearStream Micron-XG Amplified Indoor HDTV antenna (CSM1-XG-CN) in their gift guide.

“The CSM1-XG-CN combines an elegant-looking indoor unit with high-performance HDTV signal reception,” said the Bulletin. You’ll be able to receive the major Canadian TV networks off-air in stunning HD, in fact, it’ll look even better than what you can get on cable because the signal has not been compressed.

It gets even better. You can purchase one of our ClearStream HDTV antennas at Best Buy Canada! Be sure to add Antennas Direct to your holiday shopping list. You’ll make some loved ones very, very happy.

Thank you to the Bulletin for including using your Holiday Gift Guide! We feel the love.


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Denver and Pittsburgh Share Their Love of Antennas Direct


The turkey leftovers are almost gone, the pumpkin pie is a distant memory and the Thanksgiving Day Parade balloons are deflated and packed away. Now we are on to the holidays! When we got back to the office today after a food filled, relaxing long weekend, we were thrilled to see that two publications shared their love for Antennas Direct! The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette shared their 2016 holiday gift guide and The Denver Post discussed the growth of cutting the cord and installing TV antennas.

When we saw that our ClearStream Eclipse made the front page of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Business section for their holiday gift guide, we may have let out a little girl giggle. We think that the Eclipse HDTV Antenna is the perfect holiday gift, so it’s exciting to see others have the same idea! We have the best plan that will save you time and money this holiday season. Throw away your Christmas shopping list and stock up on TV antennas for everyone in your life! You’ll be done shopping in no time at all, save yourself money, and help your loved ones save money. You’re welcome.


The Denver Post wrote a great article discussing the growth of cutting the cord and people returning to TV antennas. Those people, they’re OUR favorite. Anthony Leyba owns Digital Concepts in Denver and he climbs on top of customer’s roofs about 10 times a month to install new TV antennas. He recommends our ClearStream 4 antenna, he says that it’s the best signal he’s found in an antenna and he recommends it for his clients. Denver-area residents can get up to 50 channels with an antenna! Why pay $120 for cable and only watch 20 channels when you could get 50 channels for free?

Thanks to the Denver Post and Pittsburgh Post-Gazette for helping spread awareness of cutting the cord and promoting over-the-air television with a TV antenna! We love you. A lot.


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Antennas Direct Tackles WBIG-Chicago Radio


In case you missed it, last week our very own Richard Schneider was interviewed by WBIG- Chicago on the Fox Sports Big Radio Shopping Show. So naturally, we talked a bit about sports (we didn’t bring up the Rams since that is a sore subject for us St. Louisan’s), and a lot about our kick-a** antennas.

When asked what is so unique about our antennas,  our first response was, where do we begin? For years, engineers have been  redesigning antennas to make them smaller, from TV antennas to cell phone and car antennas; today they are all smaller, more powerful and reliable than they used to be. Our TV antennas are a tenth of the size as they were in your grandparent’s day.

Antennas ARE your grandparent’s technology, which might sound like we’re taking a step back, but in reality, we are taking a huge step FORWARD, giving you the greatest and most advanced way to watch the television you love, for free.

Here are some hard, cold facts:

  • The picture quality is better over-the-air- not compressed like with cable or satellite.
  • More channels than you think, and for free- in Chicago, you can get around 70 channels with one of our antennas!
  • ClearStream antennas are designed to reject interference, are very consistent and reliable. No more “oh no, there’s a cloud in the sky, we lost our satellite signal!”
  • Simple to use and install- “plug and play, baby!”
  • By canceling your cable or satellite, you are saving at least $1,000 a year.

You can listen to the full interview below:

The highlighted product discussed in this interview was our ClearStream Eclipse indoor TV antenna. Richard described it best by saying, “it’s really hard to screw this up!” All you have to do is plug the Eclipse into your TV, scan for channels and you can sit back, relax and watch your favorite shows. For our Chicago friends, they are looking forward to watching the Bears this season. Whoever you cheer for, you’re guaranteed to enjoy the game more when you’re watching it for free, in HD, with a TV antenna. That’s a proven fact.


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Celebrate Independence Day with Freedom from Your Cable Bill

Empty room with beautiful view

The big day is finally here… The NEW ClearStream Eclipse is available for purchase!
*pause for tiny celebration from everyone reading this*

We have taken our award winning antenna and made it even better. That’s right; we have made improvements on the best antenna in the market to make it, a super antenna? Yes. A SUPER ANTENNA.

We reached out to customers, ambassadors and media, and asked them to review the Eclipse and let us know their thoughts on any improvements they would want to see. Unlike most companies, we took these reviews, good and bad, to heart, and made improvements to the Eclipse. We have reengineered the Eclipse with new technology to respond to a greater range of frequencies, so you get more programming. It also features a black and white side that can also be painted, offering you even more options when it comes to matching your decor. Think about it, you could even paint the Eclipse for every holiday. Dual-purpose: an antenna to receive over-the-air, broadcast TV, and decorative home decor for the holidays! Brilliant! If you paint your Eclipse, be sure to send us pics, we want to see your artistic abilities.

Eclipse_BlackPeelAmp_hi-res (2)

The new Eclipse is available for purchase just in time for the 4th of July weekend! Don’t want to risk storms or venture out into the heat to watch the fireworks? No problem! The Macy’s 40th Anniversary 4th of July Fireworks will be aired on NBC at 8pm EST. Salute the American spirit with performances by Kenny Chesney, Meghan Trainor, 5 Seconds of Summer and Pitbull. And even better, you can watch all of this FOR FREE, over-the-air with your Eclipse antenna! Nothing screams FREEDOM like FREE TV!

Pick up your ClearStream Eclipse antenna today at antennasdirect.com/eclipse. The Eclipse will also be available in Best Buy stores on July 17th, just in time for the summer Olympics. Have a happy and safe holiday weekend!


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The Great Race 2016 Recap, Part 4

Cedar Rapids

After a few wrong turns and some gorgeous scenery, Richard and Noel made it to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, the second to last stop on the Great Race! Check out how our NEW ClearStream Eclipse indoor TV antenna tested out on the side of the road in Cedar Rapids.

Richard says it best, “we are testing antennas across the country so you don’t have to.” And along the way, we are proving that regardless of your location, with Antennas Direct, it IS possible to cut the cord!

Final Stop: Moline, Illinois. Stay tuned!

To see all of Richard’s crazy antics (and getting lost) during the Great Race, check out antennasdirect.com/66ADBusTour, InstagramTwitter and Facebook and live streaming on UStream.


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The Great Race 2016 Recap, Part 3

Noel and Richard

After several long days of driving along the Lincoln Highway, Richard and Noel made it to their destinations and were able to enjoy some food, drinks and rest. But not before testing out the ClearStream Eclipse in each location!

In these two videos, they test out the reception in Elko, NV and Cheyenne, WY. Both locations aren’t exactly right on top of the towers, just more proof that you CAN cut the cord all across the United States. You can even watch TV by slapping the Eclipse to a cowboy boot in Cheyenne, WY! (We can’t make this stuff up, Richard ACTUALLY tested it out, as seen in the second video.)

Follow the Great Race and Richard’s crazy antics (and getting lost) at antennasdirect.com/66ADBusTour, InstagramTwitter and Facebook and live streaming on UStream.



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The Great Race 2016 Recap, Part 2

Richard Reno

Our fearless leader has made his way from San Francisco to Reno, Nevada. Not only is he not in last place, but the car is doing great, and the antennas are doing even better!

See how the ClearStream Eclipse tested in Sacramento and Reno in our latest recap. Even standing in the parking lot of a casino, we had EXCELLENT reception! Up next… Elko, NV and Evanston, WY. Be sure to stay tuned to see how the Eclipse does in each location, and for an update on the Schneider’s progress on the Great Race.

Follow the Great Race and Richard’s crazy antics at antennasdirect.com/66ADBusTour, InstagramTwitter and Facebook and live streaming on UStream.


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Antennas Direct Takes on The Great Race 2016, Part 1

Richard and NOel

This past weekend, Richard Schneider began his journey down the Lincoln Highway in his 1969 Mercedes 280SL as a part of the Great Race. Now you might be thinking to yourself, why is this man driving across the United States? The answer is simple. Because he wants to. And, this is a great opportunity to showcase the strengths of our antennas in different markets across the United States.

In this first recap of the Great Race, Richard gives you some background on the history of the race and his plans for testing our antennas along the way. Then see how the ClearStream Eclipse does 25 miles outside of San Francisco. (SPOILER ALERT: It does amazing, of course.)

The Great Race started on Saturday, June 18th in California and Richard will arrive in Moline, Illinois on Sunday, June 26th. Follow the Great Race and Richard’s crazy antics at antennasdirect.com/66ADBusTour,  InstagramTwitter and Facebook and live streaming on UStream. Will the Schneider’s be traveling through your neck of the woods? Let us know!


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According to Best Buy Expert, Cut the Cord with Antennas Direct

It’s no secret that at Antennas Direct, we’re a little bit nerdy. We are dorks at heart who love learning about the newest technology and staying on top of the trends. You should have seen Richard Schneider, Antennas Direct president, drooling over the drones at CES. For that reason, our nerdy hearts have always loved Best Buy, and we have a great relationship with the folks over there. After all, they were our first retail partner in the United States.

But it looks like the love is mutual! Fox 6 Now news in Milwaukee decided to dig deeper into the cord cutting trend and interviewed Fox Point Best Buy team lead, Chester Jackson, on his thoughts and suggestions for those people considering cutting the cable cord.


The first thing Chester recommended when cutting the cord, is getting a TV antenna to watch over the air television. His antenna of choice? The Antennas Direct ClearStream 4V, of course. Chester said that the C4V is a great quality antenna and the best option when cutting the cord. Oh, Chester. We like you, a lot. You’re the man!

Are you ready to cut the cord but still have questions? Stop by your local Best Buy and ask for your “Chester”, or give us a call! Our wonderfully nerdy support team is ready to answer your questions and help you save close to $1000 a year. You’ll thank us, and Chester.

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