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Get Juice for the Big Game. Push the Limits of FREE TV.

It’s finally here – the Super Bowl. Football, elaborate and outlandish commercials, endless appetizers and drinking beer with friends. You know what makes the Super Bowl even better? Watching it for free!

Just in time for the most watched TV show in US history, we have released the ClearStream™ Juice™, a performance-enhanced UHF/VHF amplifier system for supercharging television signal strength. The low-noise amplifier capitalizes on the latest technology in digital broadcast television to overcome long distances, splitters and other obstacles.

What that means is that with this amp, the only thing more juiced than the players on the field will be the signal on your television screen.

Here is how Juice gives you an unfair performance advantage:

Unlike many amplifiers on the market, the Juice™ helps to improve signal strength while reducing noise and unwanted frequencies from cell and data signals. Juice™ is ideal for antennas located in dense suburban or urban areas where amplifiers have previously had performance issues due to close transmitter locations.

The ClearStream™ Juice™ ($79) is available starting today in our online store. More information is available at www.antennasdirect.com/juice.

Will the Seattle Seahawks take home the Super Bowl ring two years in a row, or will Tom Brady lead the Patriots to their first Super Bowl win since 2004? You don’t have to miss a moment of the big game with Antennas Direct and the ClearStream Juice.

Interested in learning more about Juice? Check out this excellent install video and review from Robert Garrett with his firsthand thoughts and reaction.


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My name is Patrick, and I am a TV lover.


patrick lew antenna




Name: Patrick Lew
Age: 28
Occupation: Freelance musician, merchandiser and lover of free TV
Location: San Francisco, CA
Antenna Technology: ClearSteam Micron, ClearStream C2V, RCA, Mohu



My love for television started when I was very young. Our house had a 13-channel Mitsubishi in the family room and on Thursday nights, my father and I would stay up past my bedtime to watch Unsolved Mysteries and TV movies. I also remember watching the Saturday morning cartoons in my pajamas over multiple bowls of cereal.

When I was a teenager, I used TV as a way to deal with challenges in real life. It helped me to deal with things I would face in the future – both good and bad. When DJ on Full House would have to deal with things like gossip and crushes, it helped me to cope with the same situations.

Today, I am still hooked on over-the-air television. I think it is the most sophisticated communication we have even in the twenty-first century. Because the news, shows and sports teach me something about life. I recently broke up with a girlfriend and I know that television was subliminally a good teacher for me in how to deal with the situation and with the heartbreak afterwards.Patrick Lew Guitar

A lot of people my age go to social media and dig Facebook for the latest news. I love social media and I use it to promote my band, Heavy Sigma – my other passion in life. But I would rather be entertained and learn about the world from my television.

Also, television technology is so much better than when I was a kid. There is no more spotty reception and clunky antennas. Today, the antennas are the size of a CD player. And here in San Francisco I get over 40 channels for free. It’s everything that I want to watch. When it comes to TV, less is more.

A lot of people may not believe me, but check it out: Livewell, a free channel is just like Lifetime – I love those movies. KPOP-TV, a free music channel, is like MTV – back when it wasn’t about pregnant teens. qubo is like Nickelodeon or Disney. Accuweather is the Weather Channel. Bounce is like BET. And the prime time selection of movies on the simulcast stations are like AMC or Discovery. When I combine all of that with a Netflix subscription, I don’t need anything else.

I love TV. I love it so much I wrote a song about cutting the cord and watching TV for free with an antenna. Check it out.


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Antennas Direct Announces the ClearStream Eclipse Indoor TV Antenna

Eclipse cover image

The days of finding the perfect placement for your antenna are over! No more putting holes in your wall, fighting with your spouse over antenna location, or intrusive technology cramping your style. Introducing the all-new ClearStream™ Eclipse with Sure Grip™ Technology. This indoor antenna has a unique design that allows it to grip to virtually any flat surface, such as a wall or window. The ClearStream™ Eclipse can be repositioned countless times on any smooth surface to achieve the best reception and never loses its grip!

The secret to the ClearStream™ Eclipse’s ability to deliver HD programming? The patented tapered loop, of course! The ClearStream™ Eclipse is efficient and powerful, engineered to deliver uncompromised indoor, high-gain digital reception.

We are releasing two versions of the ClearStream™ Eclipse: Amplified and Passive.

The ClearStream™ Eclipse Passive antenna can reach up to 25 miles and comes with a lifetime warranty. The ClearStream™ Eclipse Passive Indoor HDTV antenna is being sold for $69.99.

The Amplified model can reach up to 35 miles with a max gain of 4.35 dBi. The heightened gain performance of the ClearStream™ Eclipse Amplified antenna is achieved with the 20 dB In-Line Preamplifier System. The antenna is being sold for $99.99.

For more info on ClearStream™ Eclipse click here now. Be one of the first to experience the future of television!


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ClearStream Micron-R Review From Modsynergy.com

As you may know, our Micron-R antenna is one of the most popular indoor antennas on the market. The advanced design allows these 10”x11” digital antennas to be smaller and more powerful than ever before. The precision engineered reflector focuses two-times more broadcast signal through the antenna, making it ideal for those who experience multi-path interference. 

The good folks at Modsynergy.com recently got their hands on our prizes indoor antenna. To read their review in full, please click on the provided link below.



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HDTV Antenna Review: ClearStream 4 – #1 Featured Product

HDTV Antenna Review features the ClearStream 4 as a Hot item and their #1 featured product.The   ClearStream 4 is also a Top Ten seller as well for HD Antenna Review. Make sure to read the glowing reviews of people that have bought our ClearStream 4 Antenna.


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ClearStream Micron Receives Winning Review

Home Theater and High Fidelity has reviewed Antennas Directs ClearStream Micron.

Home Theater and High Fidelity has reviewed the ClearStream Micron from ease of set-up in addition to design as well as channel strength and reception. It was highly recommended if you are in the market for an indoor antenna.

Read the full story here: ClearStream Micron Review


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Installing a Clearstream2 Antenna in San Jose, CA

Question: I have a 1996 Magnavox Analog TV, and I connected the Clearstream2 antenna to it. However, I’m not getting any reception or channels after rescanning the TV. Do I need a special tuner or any other equipment to get the channels?  Thanks, Mel

Hi Mel,

The reason why you are not receiving any reception when you hook up your Clearstream2 to your 1996 television is because your television does not have a digital tuner built in, so it can not read the over-the-air signals that are now broadcasting digitally. Your older television was made to pick up analogue signals. Since the digital switch in 2009, you need a converter box to convert these signals on your specific television.

So you have two options. The cheaper option is to go find/buy a digital to analog TV converter box that hooks to your television and your antenna. Converter boxes can range in price from around $40 – $70. Now you can even find some used on Amazon.com.

The other more expensive option is to buy a new television that has a digital tuner already built in. All new televisions in stores should be ready to pick up digital signals. Most television made after 2007 also have digital tuners. However, even with a new television you will need to hook up an antenna to it to receive free over-the-air TV.

Hope that helps! Thanks!


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Cellular Antenna Help and Products

I have a very weak AT&T cell signal even with a booster w/ outside antenna. I do also have DSL but would prefer to cancel that in favor of cellular. What products do you have that may help? From Jim in Innsbrook, MO

Hi Jim,

We have been working on products to boost cell phone signals. Our Wi-Fi antennas will replace a router’s existing antenna and distribute the Wi-Fi signal through four to eight ports plugged into cable outlets. The Clearstream Microsite is a cell phone booster that features built-in safe guards against interference. However, it is still in public testing phase and will not be on the market until 2011.

This new product was actually featured in the New York Times recently. Stay tuned for the release date. In the mean time, check out the NYT article.

Sean Kirkland, an executive vice president for sales and marketing for a company that plans corporate meetings and events was featured in this article and is one of the few that is using the Clearstream Microsite while it is in its testing phase. Check out what he said about it on Facebook.


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ClearStream5 – Cable and Placement

What type of cable is appropriate for the Clearstream5 antenna, and which direction should it face – the instructions don’t seem to cover these details.  – From Christopher in Palos Verdes Estates, California

Hi Christopher,

Any coaxial cable will work with your antenna. The type of cable depends more on the length of cable you need to run the antenna to your television. We have 3 types of coaxial cables available on our website, each in 50’ and 100’ measurements. We would recommend using any coaxial cable RG6 grade or better because it has a lower loss per foot so we find it works the best.

As for placement, it depends on where exactly you live. http://www.antennapoint.com will help you determine where to point your antenna by locating your transmitters.

The side with the cable attachment should face the transmitting stations. The metal grid is a reflector that bounces the signals back to the antenna.

Clearstream5 Antenna

Clearstream5 Antenna

Hope that answers your question. Let us know if you need more info. Thanks!


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Do I Need Multiple Antennas for Different Locations in my House?

Question: My home is a three story home with the large screen TV in the family room of the basement and two TVs in the upper level bedrooms. The Clearstream1 is the antenna best suited for transmission towers, but do I need more than 1 antenna for the different locations of the televisions in the house? What is the best method of connections without adding a series of diplexers for local HD service? I have recently stopped using Direct TV due to the high cost of service. From Steve in Salt Lake City, Utah


Hi Steve,

I bet it feels nice saving money from those monthly payments your cable used to eat up! Congratulations with making the switch. Hopefully this information helps your household make the switch a little more smoothly.

When dealing with a multi-story home you have a few choices outlined below:

Option #1: Install 1 antenna on the roof and use a distribution amp somewhere on the top floor to help boost the signal and allow you to distribute the signal to the lower level by installing coax cable.

Option #2: The second solution is the 2 antenna method. Where you install one for the upper floor and a second that delivers the signal to the bottom floor.

Option #3: A third solution for homes that are located within 20 miles of the transmission towers is to install an antenna on the roof for the bottom floor televisions and purchase indoor antennas such as the Clearstream Micron for each of the TVs on the upper floor to eliminate the need for cabling.

Thanks for your question! Hope this helps you out. Let us know if you have more questions!

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