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My name is Patrick, and I am a TV lover.


patrick lew antenna




Name: Patrick Lew
Age: 28
Occupation: Freelance musician, merchandiser and lover of free TV
Location: San Francisco, CA
Antenna Technology: ClearSteam Micron, ClearStream C2V, RCA, Mohu



My love for television started when I was very young. Our house had a 13-channel Mitsubishi in the family room and on Thursday nights, my father and I would stay up past my bedtime to watch Unsolved Mysteries and TV movies. I also remember watching the Saturday morning cartoons in my pajamas over multiple bowls of cereal.

When I was a teenager, I used TV as a way to deal with challenges in real life. It helped me to deal with things I would face in the future – both good and bad. When DJ on Full House would have to deal with things like gossip and crushes, it helped me to cope with the same situations.

Today, I am still hooked on over-the-air television. I think it is the most sophisticated communication we have even in the twenty-first century. Because the news, shows and sports teach me something about life. I recently broke up with a girlfriend and I know that television was subliminally a good teacher for me in how to deal with the situation and with the heartbreak afterwards.Patrick Lew Guitar

A lot of people my age go to social media and dig Facebook for the latest news. I love social media and I use it to promote my band, Heavy Sigma – my other passion in life. But I would rather be entertained and learn about the world from my television.

Also, television technology is so much better than when I was a kid. There is no more spotty reception and clunky antennas. Today, the antennas are the size of a CD player. And here in San Francisco I get over 40 channels for free. It’s everything that I want to watch. When it comes to TV, less is more.

A lot of people may not believe me, but check it out: Livewell, a free channel is just like Lifetime – I love those movies. KPOP-TV, a free music channel, is like MTV – back when it wasn’t about pregnant teens. qubo is like Nickelodeon or Disney. Accuweather is the Weather Channel. Bounce is like BET. And the prime time selection of movies on the simulcast stations are like AMC or Discovery. When I combine all of that with a Netflix subscription, I don’t need anything else.

I love TV. I love it so much I wrote a song about cutting the cord and watching TV for free with an antenna. Check it out.


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The Unparalleled Power of the ClearStream 2V HDTV Antenna

Over the last 10 years, we have completely transformed the way people think about television antennas. The days of the tin foil rabbit ears and behemoth-size roof antennas are long gone. Because the beamwidth and gain of our HDTV antennas are so much greater, they can be installed in a variety of different places in the home.

Recently, we received a wonderful email regarding our ClearStream 2V outdoor antenna and its unparalleled power. After a year of using a Radio Shack antenna, the Cincinnati resident decided it was time for something a little more powerful.

While the roof might be one of the more common spots to mount one of our outdoor antennas, you can—depending on the environment—install it either indoors or right outside a window.
As you can see, he installed the antenna on the patio rail of his condo.

ClearStream2 HDTV Antenna

It actually points at an adjacent building, but he still receives crystal clear reception! Also, the ClearStream 2V pulls in an additional 20 channels, making his viewing experience all the merrier!

ClearStream2 HDTV

Big thanks to Mike Kelley for sharing these great pictures with us! We are so happy that you love your antenna!

Looking to upgrade your current television antenna? We are here to help! At Antennas Direct, we carry a wide variety of both indoor and outdoor HDTV antennas. To find out which one is right for you, head on over to antennapoint.com!


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Installing a Clearstream2 Antenna in San Jose, CA

Question: I have a 1996 Magnavox Analog TV, and I connected the Clearstream2 antenna to it. However, I’m not getting any reception or channels after rescanning the TV. Do I need a special tuner or any other equipment to get the channels?  Thanks, Mel

Hi Mel,

The reason why you are not receiving any reception when you hook up your Clearstream2 to your 1996 television is because your television does not have a digital tuner built in, so it can not read the over-the-air signals that are now broadcasting digitally. Your older television was made to pick up analogue signals. Since the digital switch in 2009, you need a converter box to convert these signals on your specific television.

So you have two options. The cheaper option is to go find/buy a digital to analog TV converter box that hooks to your television and your antenna. Converter boxes can range in price from around $40 – $70. Now you can even find some used on Amazon.com.

The other more expensive option is to buy a new television that has a digital tuner already built in. All new televisions in stores should be ready to pick up digital signals. Most television made after 2007 also have digital tuners. However, even with a new television you will need to hook up an antenna to it to receive free over-the-air TV.

Hope that helps! Thanks!


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Setting Up a Television Antenna on a Truck

I am trying to set up a TV in my hot dog truck. I recently bought a clearstream2, I live approx 35 miles north of New York City. Just tonight I bought a new 19″ sylvania HDTV. I only get 3 channels. Does it matter where I am located for a good signal? From Joseph in New York.

Hi Joseph,

Unfortunately the digital transition in 2009 was not kind to people watching over-the-air television while traveling in cars, trucks and RVs. From what we have heard is that most people can receive digital signals when they are stopped, but almost none when they are in motion (which is probably a good thing).

Yes it one-hundred percent matters where you are located. This will determine how good of a signal you receive. It not only matters where exactly your truck is parked but also what direction your antenna is pointing and what structures might be in the way of the signal path such as buildings and trees.

Sorry Joseph, you have many things working against you here. We would recommend putting your ClearStream2 digital antenna in your house and looking into RV antennas that can be elevated above your truck roof.


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Does the Weather Affect my Digital Television Reception?

I installed a CS2 last summer to receive stations from Portland ~50 miles away. When we have clear skies here, it is great reception. However, when there are low clouds or heavy weather (very rainy winters here), I lose some stations. If I add another CS2 in-line with my existing one, will it improve my reception during these times? If so, is it a simple procedure? Thanks! From David in Salem, Oregon

Hi David,

Stormy Weather

Stormy Weather

Even though the weather doesn’t affect television reception as badly as in the analog days, it can be affected by severe weather conditions such as storms and high winds. This is usually caused by impediments and fluctuations in your broadcast signal from things such as moving debris and trees. If your ClearStream2 is inside or in your attic, we would first recommend moving it outside to your roof. If your CS2 is already outside make sure it is secured to try and minimize antenna movement on your end.

A second antenna might help with your signal loss. However, antennas tend to interfere with each other and you can lose signal where the two coax runs join, so stacking antennas does not always work. So number one, I would recommend getting your antenna outdoors if it isn’t already. And instead of another antenna I would use a pre amplifier. Because you are getting good signals in good weather a pre amplifier should boost these signals.


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