Our Not-So-Secret Love for Abusive Cable Companies

Secretly (or not-so-secretly), we love the fact that cable companies abuse their customers. It means more people make the decision to enjoy the unadulterated high-definition, over-the-air content we provide for free. But we especially love it when we have data to illustrate frustration. A recent survey discovered what we have known for years: most people (73 percent) think that cable companies are a bunch of jerks.

73percent The saddest part is the way that cable companies prey on the ignorance of most people. Over half of the respondents to the survey say that they would drop cable if they really had a choice.

53percent Dammit, you have a choice! You can do something with the rage. Here’s what you do:

  1. Call your cable company and tell them you will not suffer their abuses any longer.
  2. Purchase an antenna.
  3. Install the antenna.
  4. Watch your favorite content for free.

Be enlightened. Be liberated. Cut the cord. Read the full article here.Front page