Nielsen’s Cross Platform Report:1.5 Million Homes Cut the Cord in Q1 2012

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Americans continue to gobble up online video, watching almost 35 hours a week across all connected screens.

Nielsen’s Cross Platform Report for the first quarter of 2012 found the average TV consumer is watching six fewer minutes of traditional television per day, but overall viewing continues to grow as more people watch TV content online. (Our Online Video Index data shows a similar trend, as people watch more movies, sports and TV shows online.)
Last time we dove into this report, we found 1.5 million had cut the cord in the fourth quarter of 2011. Q1 reported even fewer traditional TV households with 114.3 million, down 190,000 subscribers from Q4 and down 1.46 million from the same period the year prior.
It’s worth noting that Nielsen is redefining what a traditional TV household means because while TV penetration continues to decline slowly — still standing strong at a 95.8 percent rate — 75 percent of non-traditional TV homes still own sets connected to the Web via gaming devices, over-the-top sets, Blu-ray players or through the sets themselves.
Among gaming consoles, Nintendo’s Wii stands as the most popular with 58 percent market share, followed by the Xbox 360 at 30 percent and PS3 at 23 percent.
When looking at the gender breakdown, women spend far more time (163 hours per month compared with 148 hours for men) watching on traditional TVs across all age ranges. For online viewing, it’s men who dominate, spending more than an hour viewing on the Web than women.  On average, women also watch more on mobile phones, at five hours and 21 minutes versus four hours and 44 minutes for men.
When looking at the breakdown by ethnicity and race, African Americans watch far more television than other groups at 210 hours per month. Second to that are Caucasians at 153 hours, with Asians trailing at 100 hours. African Americans also spend the most time consuming video across screens while Asians watch the most video on the Internet. Hispanics prevail with mobile video.