Next leg of the Antennas Now! tour to kick off Monday January 5

We had a great Christmas, fixed all the stuff we broke on the last leg of the tour and we’re getting the bus loaded up with antennas and preparing to hit the road.

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The next two weeks we will visit 8 cities:

  • Monday, Jan. 5 WTAP-TV Parkersberg, WV
  • Wednesday Jan. 7 WVEC Norfolk, VA
  • Thursday, Jan. 8 WSLS Lynchburg, VA
  • Friday, Jan. 9 WSLS Roanoke, VA
  • Monday Jan. 12 WAFF Huntsville, AL
  • Tuesday Jan. 13 WAFF Sand Mountain, AL
  • Wednesday Jan. 14 Albany, GA WALB
  • Thursday, Jan. 15 WGFL Gainesville, FL

Places and times will be updated shortly.

Came out and visit us if you’re in the area!



  1. I noticed on the Ft Smith, Arkansas stop, you were giving away UHF antennas. We have both UHF and VHF DTV channels here. Please don’t mislead the public.

    Also, there is no such thing as a “digital” TV antenna. Just VHF & UHF.

  2. Wrong, Wrong & Wrong
    We came out at the invitation of KFSM to help viewers that were struggling with their DTV reception and we happen to have antenna models with better batting averages that what is commonly available. Let me address your assertions:


    Every DTV station in Northwest Arkansas except for PBS affiliate will be the UHF band post 2009. Learn the difference between the channel identifier and the frequency assignment. If you are confused about the frequency assignments in the area, go to to get the most updated tables


    The Clearstream antennas are designed for the Post 2009 core channels; 174 -216 MHz & 470 -700 MHz , which include high VHF and UHF channels up to 51.
    The Clearstream antennas we gave away (you’re welcome) had a proven track record of success in that area or we wouldn’t have chosen those models for the giveaway. Their great performance is one of the reasons KFSM engineers and management invited us to their station.


    While you can use a coat hanger to receive DTV signals, not all antennas work equally well. There are a variety of attributes that make an antenna reliable for DTV reception; this includes gain on the targeted frequencies, impedance matches, maintaining waveform fidelity, resistance to interference and multipath distortion, efficiency and polarity matching.

    Since the Clearstreams are designed to only target 174 -216 MHz & 470 -700 MHz (post 2009 core DTV channels) and since there will be no other licensed uses on those frequencies, it actually is a DTV antenna. This is in contrast to other manufacturers as well as some of our legacy antennas which will deliver signals above and below the core band.