The Mad Hermit Reviews the NEW 2MAX TV Antenna

If you’ve been eyeing the new MAX series of TV antennas, here’s a great video review of the 2MAX by The Mad Hermit.

What better way to truly SEE the impact of the new antenna than with a video, right?

Antenna installation has gotten even easier with our MAX antennas. Mark takes you step by step, from opening the box, assembling and installing. In total, you should be ready to go in less than 10 minutes, that’s less time than it would take to get through to Cable Customer Service.  As Mark put it, the assembly is “dead simple.” We would have to agree!

Mark loved the size of the antenna and streamline design of the antenna that boasts a 60-mile range. He was surprised to see how many channels he received with the 2MAX inside his house matched up to how many channels his outdoor antenna was pulling in!

“This is the first antenna that I have tried indoors that works in less than ideal placement.”

Check out Mark’s review below.

Thank you to the Mad Hermit for this great review and we’re so pleased to hear your results!