George Lucas Joins the Cable Wars

A recent time ago in a city not far, far away….

Star Wars’ creator and movie director George Lucas joined the “Cable Wars” by using an antenna from Antennas Direct, according to US Magazine.

Lucas, who has been a technological pioneer, obviously has not changed his ways.  And no “cable mind tricks” can change that. In the spirit of George Lucas’ decision to use an over-the-air antenna, we tweaked the opening scene of the Star Wars intro and wrote our own intro to what we call Cable Wars!

Episode I

A New Cord Cutter

It is a period of customers cancelling their cable services.

Cord cutters, from their homes all over the country,

have won many victories against the evil Cable Empire.

During their battles, cord cutters have managed to

realize the Empires ultimate weapon, The Death Bundle,

a collection of subpar services and unwatched channels

with enough power to destroy anyone’s monthly budget.

Stepping out from the thousands who have already

cancelled their cable subscriptions, George Lucas has given a

face to this growing group and restored freedom to the galaxy…