FREE TV, Courtesy of the Ultra-Thin ClearStream FLEX!

Marshal Rosenthal has been covering technology and entertainment for years, and what he’s noticed is that with the overwhelming amount of cable channels and shows on streaming devices, people have been brainwashed to forget that you could get TV channels for free, in high-definition with surround sound, everyday! That’s right, all you need is a TV antenna. And in the quest to find a HDTV antenna that would blow him away, he discovered the Antennas Direct ClearStream FLEX.

“The FLEX isn’t like other OTA indoor antennas…FLEX is thin, really thin, so thin that it is pretty unobtrusive even when being held. Leave the hammer in the toolbox because FLEX comes with the Sure Grip strip which goes where you want it and then grips this antenna without any screws, hardware or brackets.”

That’s right, the FLEX is thin, stylish, portable AND extremely powerful. It receives both UHF and VHF and hi-VHF frequencies along with a 60 degree beam angle to avoid having to aim the antenna. The FLEX also comes with a “Green” 20dB USB in-line amplifier system which helps to amplify weak signals, and to save electricity, the amp turns on and off with the TV! Bonus feature!

Sit back and watch TV for free, the way it should be! Thanks to Marshal for taking the time to test out our new FLEX and share his thoughts!