Do I Need Multiple Antennas for Different Locations in my House?

Question: My home is a three story home with the large screen TV in the family room of the basement and two TVs in the upper level bedrooms. The Clearstream1 is the antenna best suited for transmission towers, but do I need more than 1 antenna for the different locations of the televisions in the house? What is the best method of connections without adding a series of diplexers for local HD service? I have recently stopped using Direct TV due to the high cost of service. From Steve in Salt Lake City, Utah


Hi Steve,

I bet it feels nice saving money from those monthly payments your cable used to eat up! Congratulations with making the switch. Hopefully this information helps your household make the switch a little more smoothly.

When dealing with a multi-story home you have a few choices outlined below:

Option #1: Install 1 antenna on the roof and use a distribution amp somewhere on the top floor to help boost the signal and allow you to distribute the signal to the lower level by installing coax cable.

Option #2: The second solution is the 2 antenna method. Where you install one for the upper floor and a second that delivers the signal to the bottom floor.

Option #3: A third solution for homes that are located within 20 miles of the transmission towers is to install an antenna on the roof for the bottom floor televisions and purchase indoor antennas such as the Clearstream Micron for each of the TVs on the upper floor to eliminate the need for cabling.

Thanks for your question! Hope this helps you out. Let us know if you have more questions!