Digital Trends Names the ClearStream Eclipse the BEST Indoor HDTV Antenna

Each year, Digital Trends puts out a list of the best indoor HDTV antennas you can buy. They don’t just search the internet for the best ranked antennas or top sales, they put each  antenna to the test in their downtown Portland, OR offices, as well as in residential locations to get the best impression. After putting  each antenna through the ringer, including a THOROUGH examination, we’re excited to announce that our ClearStream Eclipse was named the BEST INDOOR TV ANTENNA, passing with flying

Here’s what Digital Trends had to say about the Eclipse and why they chose it as the best:

“The ClearStream Eclipse is a powerful antenna, with a top-rated performance when it comes to flat, multi-directional HD antennas. The antenna is two sided – a black side and white side – to match your decor. The material is not only adhesive on both sides meaning no tape, but it also can be painted over, so it can easily become a discreet addition to any room. Even better, the multidirectional nature of the ClearStream Eclipse means it can be mounted virtually anywhere, and doesn’t require precise aiming to catch a signal. Unlike many indoor antennas, most which use a square or rectangular design, the circular design of the ClearStream Eclipse is better at picking up UHF signals, which can be a struggle for many indoor antennas. Those specs make it a great choice for those ready to cut the cable, regardless of where you live, especially if you pair with a streaming service like Sling TV.”

Those are sweet, sweet words to our happy little ears. Thank you so much to Digital Trends for naming the ClearStream Eclipse the BEST INDOOR TV ANTENNA, we most certainly agree with you!