ClearStream TV YouTube Review: Welcome to Streaming Heaven!

“Today I will introduce you to a revolutionary product that will allow you to watch all of your local, live TV channels in HD in ALL of the TV’s around your house…not only your TV’s, but your Fire Stick, your tablets and your phones.”

That is the best introduction we’ve ever heard for the ClearStream TV! A big thank you to Solo Man for testing out our ClearStream TV and sharing his thoughts with his YouTube followers. So now let’s get down to the details. What is it about the ClearStream TV that he loved?

Not only can you wirelessly watch your favorite broadcast shows anywhere in your house, but it has a TV guide that shows you what’s currently playing on each channel, and what’s coming up. It’s simple to setup and works seamlessly. Flip through your channels quickly and create a streaming heaven within your home. And best of all, you don’t have to directly attach your antenna to the TV, you can plug the antenna straight into the ClearStream TV and watch TV on all your devices throughout your home. Who doesn’t want that? Interested in learning more about the ClearStream TV? Check out our video and product page HERE.