Mr. Muscleman of Technology’s ClearStream FLEX Review on KUSI News

On Halloween, one of the most wonderful holidays of the year (candy and costumes, duh), Carlos Amezcua reviewed the ClearStream FLEX with Sure Grip on KUSI News with Bruce Pechman. Pechman, also fondly known as Mr. Muscleman of Technology, went over six “brilliant inventions you can’t live without” as he called them, of course including […]

Introducing: The ClearStream FLEX™ Amplified UHF/VHF Ultra-Thin Indoor TV Antenna with Sure Grip™

We just can’t stop! We have created the most flexible antenna on the market. Introducing our ClearStream FLEX™ Amplified Ultra-Thin Indoor UHF/VHF TV Antenna with Sure Grip™. The patented technology of the ClearStream FLEX features UHF and VHF indoor reception, so you will receive more channels than ever before. With Sure Grip, you can easily […]