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Denver and Pittsburgh Share Their Love of Antennas Direct


The turkey leftovers are almost gone, the pumpkin pie is a distant memory and the Thanksgiving Day Parade balloons are deflated and packed away. Now we are on to the holidays! When we got back to the office today after a food filled, relaxing long weekend, we were thrilled to see that two publications shared their love for Antennas Direct! The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette shared their 2016 holiday gift guide and The Denver Post discussed the growth of cutting the cord and installing TV antennas.

When we saw that our ClearStream Eclipse made the front page of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Business section for their holiday gift guide, we may have let out a little girl giggle. We think that the Eclipse HDTV Antenna is the perfect holiday gift, so it’s exciting to see others have the same idea! We have the best plan that will save you time and money this holiday season. Throw away your Christmas shopping list and stock up on TV antennas for everyone in your life! You’ll be done shopping in no time at all, save yourself money, and help your loved ones save money. You’re welcome.


The Denver Post wrote a great article discussing the growth of cutting the cord and people returning to TV antennas. Those people, they’re OUR favorite. Anthony Leyba owns Digital Concepts in Denver and he climbs on top of customer’s roofs about 10 times a month to install new TV antennas. He recommends our ClearStream 4 antenna, he says that it’s the best signal he’s found in an antenna and he recommends it for his clients. Denver-area residents can get up to 50 channels with an antenna! Why pay $120 for cable and only watch 20 channels when you could get 50 channels for free?

Thanks to the Denver Post and Pittsburgh Post-Gazette for helping spread awareness of cutting the cord and promoting over-the-air television with a TV antenna! We love you. A lot.


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According to Forbes, Antennas Are Making a Comeback with Antennas Direct Leading the Pack

Forbes is known for being a leading business magazine. They feature articles on finance, industry, investing and marketing. Therefore it only makes sense that they put the spotlight on saving money by cutting the cord with an over-the-air television antenna.

Forbes Contributing reporter Scott Kramer reviewed our ClearStream Eclipse antenna as well as the Mohu Leaf 50. We feel confident that our antennas are the best and will outperform the competition and were extremely pleased with Scott’s results!

Scott lives in a hilly area of Southern California, so his location was an interesting, and slightly challenging, one for an indoor antenna. But we accepted the challenge, because we knew the Eclipse was powerful enough to handle it. Scott was able to easily install the Eclipse (slap it, plug it, scan it, watch it) and was able to pick up a few dozen channels. With the Mohu Leaf 50, he wasn’t able to pick up as many channels and they were not as reliable.

“I turned on a football game and couldn’t believe how much clearer it was through the antenna than through my own cable system,” said Scott Kramer. That’s right, with an over-the-air antenna, you receive signal that is not compressed like cable, therefore, SO much better.

With the cable and satellite companies continuing to raise the price of cable, there truly is no better time to cut the cord. It’s easy to do, there are thousands of options of what to watch between an antenna and streaming and you’ll be saving tons of $$. With the holidays right around the corner, who doesn’t want that?

Thanks to Scott for taking the time to test out our award winning Eclipse antenna. We’re thrilled it worked out so well for you and appreciate you helping to spread the word of cutting the cord with an antenna!


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Announcing our BIGGEST Giveaway Yet and 25% off Your Purchase for November!

ad_blackfridayfbadYou might not know this about us, but we really like holidays. REALLY like holidays. We aren’t even holiday specific. We are fans of celebrating all holidays. And we want to share our holiday cheer with you, our favorite humans. We wanted to create the Ultimate Holiday Stocking, perfect for cord cutters, to give away. But wait, it gets even better (cue our infomercial voice and corny graphics).

Starting November 8th, we are offering 25% off your purchase at If you’re looking to upgrade your antenna or purchase one as a gift, now is the time! Get ahead of the Black Friday craziness, and shop from home. It doesn’t get much better. Oh wait, it does. When you purchase an antenna using the coupon code PREBF25, you are automatically entered to win the cord cutting stocking. It doesn’t get any easier! Not ready to purchase? No problem. You can still enter the giveaway by filling out the form HERE.

Now, let’s get down to business. We’re sure you’re thinking to yourself, “but what are they giving away?”


  • An Xbox One S Gears of War 4 Bundle (1 TB)
  • The Crew for Xbox One
  • Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare for Xbox One
  • Hauppauge Digital TV Tuner for Xbox One
  • $30 Netflix Gift Card
  • $25 Sling TV Gift Card
  • $25 Hulu Gift Card
  • ClearStream Eclipse antenna

Total retail value:  Over a $600!


That’s right. We are stuffing this GIANT stocking full of games and cord cutting essentials just for you. Because we love you. And love giving away awesome gifts.

And with our 25% off promo code we feel like Oprah. “And YOU get an antenna! And YOUUUU get an antenna!”

We will be announcing the winner of our giveaway the first week in December. Be sure to enter, take advantage of the coupon code and share with your friends!


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Clearstream 4V and 91XG Comparison and Review


Guest blog/review provided by Chad Bryan

As an electrical engineer, my hobby with antennas is a passion.  I enjoy testing and verifying signal strengths in real world conditions.

Here is my Antenna comparison of the ClearStream 4V and 91XG from Antennas Direct.


  1. Outstanding packaging, which reduces the footprint of the box and allows a cost-save in shipping.
  1. Assembly is straight forward. Antenna bases are keyed (poka-yoke) to allow easy orientation and “correct” placement during assembly.


  1. Securing the antenna to the mast pipe was simple with hand tightening the wingnuts. After mounted, the VHF kit is attached.
  1. I am located in the county with nearest transmitter 20 miles away. With the antenna pointed towards the Toledo area, I was able to capture both VHF and UHF. I was very surprised these channels were able to be received with a distance between 50 – 60 miles.


Testing was performed at 5’ off the ground.

Antennas Direct – ClearStream 4V
Virtual Channel Real Channel SNR (dB) AGC (%) Signal Strength
11.1 11 18 61 62
12.1 12 22 55 76
13.1 13 16 61 Unable to lock
24.1 49 20 67 67
30.1 29 20 66 70
36.1 46 21 65 73




  1. Comparing to the more directional 91XG, you will lose the capability to capture stations in the VHF band. This antenna is for deep fringe and will require more room to install. I like the small form factor of the ClearStream 4V, as it is very easy to install and perfect for an attic installation.

Antennas Direct – 91 XG

Virtual Channel Real Channel SNR (dB) AGC (%) Signal Strength
24.1 49 28 56 92
27.1 27 19 67 65
30.1 29 23 62 78
36.1 46 28 56 89



In summary, you can see with the increased directors more signal is captured and is more directional than the ClearStream 4V.  However, this is no reception of VHF, and will require another antenna.

For the price and performance of the ClearStream 4V, I was extremely impressed and highly recommend.  This antenna performed outstandingly well. The 91xg technology has been around for years and Antennas Direct has taken the large form antenna and made it much smaller and easier to set up.

The C4V is available for purchase at and at Best Buy and Walmart.

Chad Bryan

Electrical Engineer


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Here’s How to Watch the Major League Baseball Playoffs without Cable


The best time of the year is here for baseball fans, the MLB Playoffs. This is the end of a long, long season and gives the best teams of the year the opportunity to enter into the history books. Every year brings new and exciting moments like comebacks, big plays, or clutch hits. The MLB Playoffs are definitely a can’t miss event for both avid and casual baseball fans.

If you cut cable, there are still several options out there for you to watch the postseason. As this guide shows, you can actually watch every single game depending on what services and tools you choose. Below is some information on all of your options that will help you figure out which setup is best for you during the playoffs.

What Options Do I Have for Watching the MLB Playoffs Without Cable?

There are a few different ways to watch the games either online or on your TV. The best setup is likely combining multiple services to make sure you can watch every game. Here are your options:


Antenna: An antenna is a huge asset for cable cutters and will also be helpful during the MLB playoffs. It picks up network broadcasts from channels like FOX, ABC, CBS, and NBC and relays them right on your TV in HD. Plus, the only cost with the antenna is the initial investment, since it’s free to watch.

The antenna truly is the best tool for cable cutters on the market. Between its low cost, how easy it is to set up, and the quality of the TV you can watch with it, you just can’t go wrong. It’s a great option for the playoffs, just like it is the for the NFL season.

You should check out the reception in your area here, to confirm this would be a solid tool for you.

Sling TV: Dish Network’s streaming service, Sling TV, costs either $20 or $25 per month and lets you live stream over 30 of the top cable channels. The Sling Orange bundle costs $20 per month for channels like ESPN, ESPN2, TBS, TNT, and more. The Blue package has more than 40 channels for $25 per month. This one has FS1, FS2, TBS, NBCSN, TNT, and in certain locations FOX’s main network channel. You can test out the service with a 7-day free trial if you’re interested.

PlayStation Vue: A similar streaming service from Sony, PlayStation Vue has a starting cost of $29.99 per month. The higher cost gets more channels in the starting package including ESPN, TBS, TNT, ESPN2, NBCSN, FS1, FS2, and more. Certain areas, similar to Sling TV, get FOX live streaming as well. In these places, the cost does bump up to $39.99 per month. PlayStation Vue also offers a weeklong free trial.

Which Channels can I watch the MLB Playoffs on Without Cable?

The best answer to this question is all of them. Each of the stations broadcasting games during the playoffs is accessible with the above options. However, each of them can be accessed in different ways. Below are all of your options for watching each channel during the playoffs:


ESPN will be broadcasting one of the first games of the playoffs, the NL Wild Card Game. The Sling Orange package for $20 per month or the PlayStation Vue starting package for $29.99 per month will get you streaming access to ESPN. It is only a single game, but these services will be helpful in streaming other games as well.


TBS is a great channel to have access to, since it will broadcast every AL game during the postseason, not including the World Series. Once again, both Sling TV and PlayStation Vue’s starting package will get you TBS. The only difference is which package you choose.

PlayStation Vue has the one main starting option, for $29.99 per month. But, Sling TV has the Blue or Orange bundle. Orange costs only $20 per month and gets you access to ESPN and ESPN2 as well. Sling Blue costs $25 per month, but also provides access to FS1, FS2, NBCSN, and even a live stream of FOX’s main network in some areas.

FOX Sports 1

On the National League side, FS1 will broadcast a sizeable chunk of the games. PlayStation Vue’s basic starting package has full access to FS1 live streaming for $29.99 per month. This package also gives you access to ESPN and TBS, so all of the games mentioned above can still be watched.

For FS1, you need to select the Sling Blue package for $25 per month.  The Sling Blue package does not contain ESPN, so you’d miss the NL Wild Card game. But, you’d be able to get all of the AL games on TBS. Both services have free trials, so you can always test them both out to compare which one works best for you.


The remainder of the NL games not broadcast on FS1 will be on FOX. Plus, the entire World Series will be aired on FOX. That means getting access to watch FOX is critical if you want to watch the playoffs, because you can’t watch the entire postseason and miss the World Series!

The easiest way will be picking up FOX over a digital antenna. The antenna lets you watch the World Series and other NL games completely free and in high-definition picture. Some say it’s better HD than they’ve ever gotten on cable.

Both Sling TV and PlayStation Vue could also be options for watching FOX live. They both offer the channel live streaming, but it comes in a limited amount of locations. Sling TV would have it on the Blue bundle for $25 per month. PlayStation Vue on the other hand has a starting price of $39.99 per month in the locations that get live streaming access to FOX. You can check the respective sites of the services to find out if FOX is available streaming where you live.

Since you are ready to watch baseball for the rest of the season, you might be looking to figure out how to watch other sports without cable. This NHL guide gives you all the details to watch the upcoming season without cable. Hockey fans should check it out to make sure you don’t miss a single hit or goal the entire year!


Chris Brantner is the founder of, a resource for people who want to cut the cord and still get the TV they crave. Follow him on Twitter @CutCableToday and find him on Facebook here


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#ADBusTour Giveaway #3: Charleston, SC


They say that Charleston, SC is the friendliest city in the United States, and after today we can confirm that this is most certainly true. The crowd was the nicest group we’ve seen in the longest time. If you haven’t visited Charleston, you need to make it a spot on your bucket list.


People started lining up before 3AM at WCIV for their free TV antenna. Now, a lot of times at giveaways, people silently sit in line and wait for it to start. That was not the case with this group. The people standing next to them in line became instant friends and we saw people chatting and laughing for hours. It was amazing to see, especially so early in the morning (and trust us, we are not necessarily morning people, so this was a delight.)


WCIV went out of their way to make us feel at home and we are extremely grateful that they let use their parking lot for our giveaway.

We are back on the road and on our way to Asheville, NC. We will see you 6AM Friday at Grace Bible Baptist, 1518 N. Rolling Road, Baltimore, MD 21228. We want to see you there, come out and join us.


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Kicking off the 2016 #ADBusTour in Little Rock, AR


Wow, what a great way to kick off the first stop of the #ADBusTour with a huge giveaway in Little Rock, AR! And not only was it the first stop of the tour, but it was also Antennas Direct President, Richard Schneider’s birthday! We decided to celebrate this great man getting another year older by giving away antennas to the great residents of Little Rock.


People began lining up for the giveaway a 12:00AM and the line went down the street, over 500 people showed up for a chance to take home a ClearStream Eclipse antenna. We ended up giving away nearly 400 antennas in less than 40 minutes! We met some wonderful people who told us their reasons for waiting in line all night and they ranged from looking to save money, have better picture quality and have access to local, broadcast TV in case of emergencies or bad weather. The thing they all had in common was the desire for quality broadcast television, for free.

Next stop: Macon, Georgia. We will be in town with WGXA to giveaway 300 ClearStream 2V antennas on Monday, August 22nd at 6PM. Meet us in the parking lot behind the Papa John’s at 265 Tom Hill Sr Blvd, Macon, GA 31210. Papa John’s will be giving away slices of pizza, we will have tshirts, antennas and enter for your chance to win a 50″ LED Roku TV. You won’t want to miss out on the fun.

Thank you to, the NAB and Sinclair for supporting the TV Liberation Bus Tour and helping us to get thousands of antennas into the hands of Americans.


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Lucky #9! For the Ninth Year, Antennas Direct Makes the Inc. 5000 List

inc 5000

For the ninth year in a row, Antennas Direct has made the Inc. 5000 list, and I guess you could say that we are on cloud nine! (You see what we did there?) The Inc. 5000 list just came out and we were thrilled to not only see our name on the list but to see that we moved up more than 600 spots to 4106.

We experienced 69% 3-year growth and our revenue in 2015 was $17.3 M. With our gained sales, that means that more American’s are ending their relationship with cable and satellite companies. Our growth in sales=more money in our customers pockets. Not many people can say that, most certainly not pay-TV companies.

Just in July alone, we experienced over 53% increase in sales leading up to the Olympics. Americans wanted access to broadcast TV to watch the Olympics and we held the magic key; an antenna. It’s not rocket science, take an antenna and install it and never pay another cable bill. That sounds truly magical, right?

If that isn’t proof enough, take a look at our TV Liberation Bus Tour. Thousands of people are looking for free, over-the-air broadcast television, and we are happy to provide that for them. Speaking of the Bus Tour, we’re headed out on the road to help liberate even more Americans! Check out our #ADBusTour page to see where the bus will be headed, and if we’re not coming to your hometown, don’t worry, simply fill out the form and let us know you want a visit from the Antennas Direct bus!

“We plan to celebrate our ninth year on the INC 5000 list by giving away antennas on our TV Liberation Bus Tour,” said Richard Schneider, president of Antennas Direct. “Our idea of celebrating is liberating more American’s from their abusive relationship with the cable companies.”

Thank you to our amazing customers who have supported us over the years and truly are the reason we land on the Inc. 5000 list year after year. You all are outstanding, and not to mention extremely good looking.


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Back to School and Back to Savings: Tax Free and Free Shipping!


For some folks, hearing that it’s time to go back to school can be downright depressing. It means that their freedom is over, and the long days of sitting in class, studying and doing homework is upon them. Cue tiny violin music. For others, namely parents, they are celebrating sending their kids back to school and getting them out of the house, and out of their hair!

No matter who you are, we are going to sweeten the Back to School deal for you. We are offering a Tax Free and Free Ground Shipping weekend from August 5-7th. If that doesn’t make the school year sound at least a little more appealing, we don’t know what will.

Headed back to college? Get a ClearStream Eclipse Sure Grip TV Antenna for your dorm room or apartment. Looking to cut some costs since school supplies will cost you an arm and a leg? Cut the cord and pick up an antenna. Don’t want to stand in the horrible lines at the big box stores? Our antennas are available for purchase online at An antenna should be on everyone’s back to school shopping list.

Use the coupon code BTS2016 at checkout to receive free shipping and zero sales tax, a nice little back to school bonus. Enjoy your last few days or weeks of summer freedom!


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Mr. Bicep, the Muscleman of Technology, Presents Innovative Products for Your Home


Bruce Pechman, most lovingly known as Mr. Bicep, the Muscleman of Technology, is KUSI‘s go-to tech guru with the latest and greatest in tech gadgets. Not only is he a buff dude, but he is also a technology genius; he’s one nerd you most certainly do not want to mess with.

In his latest guest appearance on KUSI’s Good Morning San Diego, Bruce showcases a few innovative products for the home, including our ClearStream Eclipse Sure Grip indoor TV antenna.

KUSI News – San Diego, CA

In the segment, Bruce raves about the dual-sided feature of this antenna, and how it’s the perfect little indoor TV antenna to match any home decor. If you’re looking to cut the cord and save hundreds of dollars, he recommends you pick up the Eclipse. Bruce also mentions how great the Antennas Direct 90-day return policy is, he said it’s a risk free purchase, so pick one up and try it out, if you don’t love it (which we don’t know if that is even possible), then return it, no questions asked! There is nothing to lose, especially once you see how many broadcast channels you will receive in crystal clear high definition.

If you’re looking to pick up the Eclipse TV antenna, now is the perfect time! Use the coupon RIO10 at checkout to receive $10 off your purchase. You have no excuses, pick up an Eclipse and cut the cord today!

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