Cable Companies Are Raising Fees…Again.

Another day, another article talking about the horrors of cable companies. The latest news is that cable companies are, once again, raising their fees. Are you surprised? We’re not! The thing with cable and pay-TV companies is this: they will nickel and dime their customers, until they have no customers left. They won’t learn their lesson!

The most annoying and frustrating fee that cable companies push upon their customers is the broadcast TV fee. This is a fee that cable companies say is used to offset the cost of local television. Now, how does that make sense, when you can get local, network TV for FREE with a HDTV antenna? Hmmm… fishy business if you ask us.

Wow! is the latest increase cable fee hike, jumping from $10.40 a month to $12.65 a month for its Broadcast TV fee, effective June 1, 2017. Needless to say, when customers starte receiving word of the increase, there will be a massive uproar. Rightfully so! These hard-working people shouldn’t be asked to pony up more money each month for something that’s free!

This is not the American way! Instead, cut the cord, pick up a TV antenna, and never pay for the television you love again. No hidden fees, no price increases, no fine print, no funny business. Who doesn’t want that?

Now, if you don’t know what antenna to pick up, that’s where our friendly Connection Crew comes into play. Give them a call and they can help you determine what HDTV antenna would work best for your location, where to point the antenna for best performance, and answer any of your questions. You’ll never get the run-around with the Connection Crew, just great service.

Thanks to Cord Cutters News for sharing this latest cable horror story and helping folks to cut the cord! You, good sir, are a cord cutting hero.