The art of the antenna

Additional validation that ClearStream antennas transcend purpose and are revered by some as art. We have long had a following of the ClearStreams due to their amazing performance, but now we have followers that are focused solely on the messages their design convey. So maybe its not such a surprise to find them showing up […]

WLS Chicago ABC 7 is making changes

For those of you who have been having problems with WLS Ch 7 in Chicago, things may be getting a lot better. WLS has announced the following: Their UHF transmitter on 44 is scheduled to come online by this weekend.(Oct 30) It will be operating at a temporary power level of about 350 kW with […]

If selling crappy antennas is a crime, Wal-Mart is getting the death penalty

Not only don’t these things work very well, now it can land you in hot water. In California a lady buys $10 amplified rabbit ears; Amp starts to oscillate and interferes with Verizon cell service. FCC investigates and the lady is cited for: “The operation of an intentional, unintentional, or incidental radiator” It gets […]

Today, we release the C5 to the masses!

The Clearstream 5 is finally shipping! Today, we release the C5 to the masses. It has taken years of work from all parts of Antennas Direct. First marketing, then feng shui consultants, design, engineering, tooling and manufacturing. Countless evolving designs, innumerable meetings, frequent all-nighters to make every part of the C5, from its custom-made, high […]

VHF Stations appealing to the FCC to increase power

If you’re one of the millions of Americans who lost some DTV channels on June 12th you may need to do a re- scan. Below is an article with some tips: If that does not work, call the engineering department of the problem station or your local FCC field office. As we had warned […]